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SF: Search team hunts for missing Michelle Le in hills (photos, video)

Search on for Michelle Le in Niles Canyon Hills
Search on for Michelle Le in Niles Canyon Hills
Getty Images

SF: Search team hunts for missing Michelle Le in Niles Canyon hills in Fremont, CA (photos, video)

Search on for missing Michelle Le in Niles Canyon Hills
Getty Images

FREMONT, Calif. -- On Friday in top news, San Francisco residents learned that a search team went off to the Niles Canyon hills in the town of Fremont to look for signs of the missing Kaiser nursing student, Michelle Le.

The Niles Canyon hills are in the Bay Area and are driving distance from San Francisco.

The search for Michelle Le will continue for 3 days.

Michelle Le went missing from a Kaiser Hospital car park on May 27th. She is a nursing student.

Blood was found in Le's car and the police have now turned the case from a missing persons one into a homicide one. No body has yet been found, but Li's family has not given up hope that she will be found alive.

The seventy volunteers who turned up for the search in the Niles Canyon hills were given instructions on what to look for and how not to inadvertently disturb any evidence.

See the police hotline here for information: Phone (510) 293-5051
See the family website:

Some of those volunteers knew Michelle Le personally, but some came along just because they had heard about her on the news, says ABC 7, the local news source for San Francisco. (The late news comes on in San Francisco at 9pm)

Sorority sister, Lucia Greenfield, told press: "I actually didn't know her because we're 10 years apart, but you just feel that bond. You know it's a very special group of women that belong to the sorority."

Another volunteer, Tommy Parish, who lives in Hayward said he wanted to help the family find an answer, one way or the other. "I wanted to help bring closure to the family, whether or not the young lady is still alive or whether she is deceased,"

He continued: "I think the family deserves that. I think more community involvement is necessary at this time."

Le's bother, Michael, talked of their anxiety to get her back: "We just want her home. That's what we're focused on."

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See video and photos on the left hand side

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