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SF news: Barefoot Bandit will sell movie rights (video, photos)

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SF news: Barefoot Bandit will sell movie rights (video, photos)

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More is coming through to those who follow top news in San Francisco, on the Barefoot Bandit.

Colton Harris-Moore, the 20 year old, got the name "Barefoot Bandit" for operating barefoot and leaving footprints in the sand at his crime scenes.

Yesterday, the Barefoot Bandit was given six-and-a-half years in prison. (See that article here SF news: Barefoot Bandit gets 6 1/2 years 'I should have died years ago' (video)

"It's a shame he has spoiled his youth," says San Francisco resident Cathy Delaney.

According to the BBC News: "Colton Harris-Moore, who was handed a nearly seven-year jail term for state crimes last month, was sentenced again in Seattle for federal offences."

"The term will be served concurrently with his state prison time."

For two years the Barefoot Bandit stole cars, planes and boats and evaded the police.

Now he will sell the rights to a movie made about him, but only so he can replay his victims, says the BBC News.

In his statement to the court, Colton Harris-Moore said: "What I did could be called daring, but it is no stretch of the imagination to say that am lucky to be alive... absolutely lucky."

"I should have died years ago."

Colton Harris-Moore was arrested finally in the Bahamas in a boat. The Barefoot Bandit threatened to kill himself at that point, but he was talked out of doing that. Click on the blue link for more on that story.)

Colton Harris-Moore, according to the BBC News, talked of people in power as "fools", and reporters as "vermin".

He also called his feats of stealing planes as "amazing" unmatched by anyone except the Wright brothers.

According to the BBC News, Harris-Moore's lawyers reported those writings were the mere "bravado" of youth and Colton Harris-Moore was truly remorseful.

The Barefoot Bandit now wants to make amends by selling his movie rights. Colton Harris-Moore said in an email: "I feel a sense of responsibility to people on Camano Island and San Juans. They are the only reason I did this."

He went on to say later: "I know what I did was wrong; I feel bad for the victims and will make things right any way I can; I am ashamed of myself."


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