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SF learns Mehserle released from jail, slips away unseen (photos, video)

Mehserle released from LA jail, slips away
Mehserle released from LA jail, slips away
Getty Images

SF learns Mehserle released from jail, slips away unseen (photos, video)

Mehserle released from LA jail, slips away
Getty Images

LOS ANGELES -- San Francisco residents following the top news story of Johannes Mehserle have learned that he was released this morning at 12.01am from the LA County jail.

Mehserle, age 29, a former BARTpolice officer, was released a free man after he served 11 months jail time for the killing of Oscar Grant III on a BART station platform in the San Francisco Bay Area, said San Francisco's KTVU Channel 2 News.

Reporters and protesters were waiting but they did not see him, stated Sheriff's Department spokesman, Steve Whitmore.

It was last July when Mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter when he shot Grant, age 22, in the back, instead of using his stun gun on him.The incident happened on New Year's Day 2009.

Mehserle was in tears when he made the statement that he had intended to use his stun gun on Grant. The incident had been recorded by several bystanders on their cell phones and that evidence was used in court. The publicity was so intense that the trial was moved to Southern California.

The sentencing of Johannes Mehserle caused riots and racial tension and 150 people were arrested in protests after Mehserle was sentenced last fall. (See that article on the sentencing here: Johannes Mehserle sentencing)

On Sunday, according to KTVU, around 300 protesters demonstrated in Oakland over the Mehserle release.

"The people know it was wrong," stated Jabari Shaw, age 32, one of the protesters who had been at the Mehserle's trial. "As much as we want justice, we're still not getting it."

Mehserle was given 2 years with time served deducted from the sentence. That sentence caused riots in Oakland with 152 people being arrested.

Oscar Grant's uncle, Cephus "Bobby" Johnson, had been waiting to witness the release of Mehserle but never saw him. According to KTVU he said, "There's much rage in our community," he said. "It's a shame that our children still have fear from police officers that come into our communities."

Shortly after the killing of Oscar Grant, police killed again, causing more riots. See that article here:

After Oscar Grant shooting, police kill again in Oakland)

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See some of the dramatic photos taken regarding this story (or click here) and see too the video on this case on the left-hand side.

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