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SF Indie Fest Has Dancers, Bounty Hunters, Killers, Hobos and Psychics!

"Bounty Killers" is a cult film in the making.
"Bounty Killers" is a cult film in the making.

The San Francisco Independent Film Festival is entering its second week and still getting a lot of attention. Here are some highlights of the next few days.


"Aldo" makes its World Premiere at the SF Indie Fest and is the tale of a hairdresser who must dodge loan sharks after losing a massive bet he placed on basketball playoffs. A throw-back to 1970s filmmaking, this original story mixes real people with trained actors. Plays with short film "Closure". Tickets for Feb. 12 in Oakland are almost sold out but it also screens Feb. 15 and 18 in San Francisco.


"Drift" is a psyological drama from Belgium that is a mix of narrative feature and performance art. It takes place in a hotel in which a woman suffering from mental illness is aided by her husband who then starts to mentally spiral on his own. It shows one time only.

"How to be a Man" falls into the crude movie category as a comedian (played by Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice magazine and published author) decides, after he learns he has cancer, to record his crude and comical journey of what it takes to be a man so he can leave it as a legacy of his unborn son. Plays Thursday in Oakland and Saturday and Sunday in San Francisco.


"80s Power Ballad Sing-a-Long" is an extremely popular event - kind of the anti-Valentine. Gather with other like-minded souls and do as the title suggests - sing-a-long with all of those big haired rock bands of the 1980s. Kind of like the play and movie "Rock of Ages" but without the inane plot.

"Towheads" makes its West Coast Premiere and while it's a narrative feature - it's more along the lines of reality a la "Curb Your Enthusiasm" as Shannon Plumb plays the lead as a mother facing a mid-life crisis and her real husband and children play her family in the film.

"Bounty Killer" seems to be an over-the-top cult film in the making with a sexy buxom woman and her star crossed lover/rival bounty hunters as the compete to track down the same corporate world's most wanted. Definitely worthy checking out if B-movie and exploitive films are your style.


"The Wait" stars two very talented actresses - Jena Malone and Oscar nominee Chloe Sevigny - as two sisters varied reactions to the news from a psychic who claims their recently deceased mother will be resurrected. Also plays Feb. 19.

"Flex is King" may start the new wave of dance styles as three young dancers bring their own spin of movement to the competitive arena. Their dance style that mixes simulated violence, seamlessly flowing footsteps and the occasional humorous touch seems to be as diverse as the film itself. Also plays Feb. 19.

"Blue Ruin" may be the closing night film on Feb. 20, but you can get a sneak peak on Feb. 16. "Ruin" is the story of Dwight who is a soft-spoken, somewhat shell-shocked beach hobo who lives in his blue car on the west coast, just trying to keep his head down and limit interactions with the outside world. When he is informed by a sympathetic cop that the man imprisoned for murdering his parents has just been released, Dwight vows to get revenge, and sets off on a road trip back to his old haunts to give the killer a different kind of homecoming.

"Proxy" has a graphic opening sequence that is not for the light-hearted as a very pregnant woman is brutally attacked in the street by a hooded stranger.. But this is only the beginning of the pitch-black psychosexual drama. It also screens Feb. 20.

All movies screen at the Roxie Theatre and Oakland titles are at the New Parkway.

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