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SF Congressman Pete Stark to speak at atheist Reason Rally, Westboro invited

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Congressman Pete Stark will speak via video at the Reason Rally of atheists March 24 in Washington, D.C.. The Reason Rally is being criticized as “[poking] a rattlesnake with a stick,” by atheists like Kelley Freeman and not "very interested in rational dialogue" by Christian apologists like Carson Weitnauer, following a recent (and first of its kind) invitation of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church by National Atheist Party's Jim Klawon who described the invitation as "fun to write". NAP's public relations director Lee Moore is attempting to put out this potential public relations inferno in this guest post on the Friendly Atheist, saying in the comments Wednesday,

"Just today I sent an email to one of the anti Reason Rally spin groups Ratio Christi inviting them to an open dialogue with us. WBC is not the only group we wanted to open lines of communication with. They were just the most well known one."

It is unknown at this time if he actually referred to Ratio Christi as a spin group in his email invitation, or how many other groups NAP plans on inviting. Ratio Christi members have collaborated with other apologists to publish a response to the Reason Rally in the form of an e-book entitled True Reason.