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Seydisfjordur, Iceland

Yes another unpronounceable Icelandic town. But wait this one’s not so bad. Just pronounce it: Say-dis-four-door? That’s it, you’ve got it! Consider yourself a master of Icelandic. We may never be able to really pronounce the names of the spectacular cities we’ve stopped in, but we sure did enjoy visiting them. Seydisfjordur is our last stop on this incredible volcanic wonderland and it gave us our most amazing hike so far. We walked from the Veendam, for four hours, to the far end of the fjord Seydisfjordur is located on. We have never experienced anything like it; okay just maybe in New Zealand’s Fjord Land National Park, just maybe. I simply lost count of all the waterfalls we encountered along our way; each one different and each one breathtaking. As for the scenery all I can say is think of Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings and you’ll have some idea how this stupendous places looks; okay I know New Zealand again.

Seydisfjordur, Iceland
David Millett

As we set off on our trek we left our trusty ship at the dock with everything steeped in fog. The Veendam had sailed all night in the fog and pulled up to a dock shrouded in mist in the morning. By the way, during our evening sail we had crossed over into the Arctic Circle. This gave me the personal pleasure of having now been to both Polar Regions of the world. Julia and I continued our walk through the tiny town and up into the fjord with no idea what was surrounding us. We walked past a wide strongly flowing river. We left the town behind us and climbed slowly up to our first waterfall completely unaware of the world we had stepped into. Then as we continued into our world of mosses, waterfalls, rivers, and wildflowers Julia turned, looked straight past me, and said, “Look at that!” I swung around and out of the mist came our first glimpse of the mountainous ice capped world that engulfed us; incredible!

As the day went on the fog cleared away and the full glory of Seydisfjordur was revealed to us. As we sat and ate our cheese sandwiches at the top of the stunning fjord we contemplated how the world is truly a gorgeous place, but just how quickly (when left up to the human race) it can be destroyed. Oh well, enjoy it while you can; I guess it’ll still be here after we’re all long gone.

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