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Sexy YouTuber Chris Villain Invites You To Be Part Of His World

Chris Villain
Chris Villain
YouTube/Chris Villain

He wants you to be part of his world, and I think you’ll oblige! YouTuber and professional Disney singer, Chris Villain, has been posting some pretty spectacular covers to his YouTube channel and since I'm a bit obsessed, I thought you would be too.

Of course, there’s a Frozen cover…but you should still watch! Chris teams up with the adorable Lexy Baeza and together they are just so crazy good. (WATCH HERE)

Chris went solo for the cover of Aladdin’s “One Jump Ahead” and my, did he not look (and sound) the part?! (WATCH HERE)

At the end of last month Chris donned a red wig, fins and some killer blue contacts to bring us a the testosterone charged “Part of Your World.” (WATCH HERE)

No big deal, we want more! The smile, the disheveled hair, the voice, the merman physique; so many reasons to want more from Chris, am I right?