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'Sexy When You Do That' a surprise hit song for Brett Domino (Video)

Brett Domino, the alter ego of UK comedian Rob J. Madin, has posted a How To video on YouTube revealing the secrets of hit songwriting and the tune he improvises, "Sexy When You Do That", has become an unintentional pop hit going viral on the web.

Sexy When You Do That becomes surprise viral hit for Brett Domino on YouTube
BrettDomino @YouTube

Titled "How To Make A Hit Pop Song", the video lays out in scientific (and hilarious) detail, the ingredients for making a hit song along the lines of Jason Derulo, currently enjoying a smash with his own hit tune, "Talk Dirty To Me."

Domino, no slouch when it comes to musical ability, is clearly out of his element when he tackles an unfamiliar bassoon, looking for that first essential ingredient: The Instrumental Hook.

Or is he?

The deceptively simple run up and down the woodwind fits in perfectly with the rest of the mix as Domino pulls all the pieces together with the end result, Sexy When You Do That.

Looking mildly surprised that this formula actually works, Domino turns in a performance of the tune that is both ultra geek and surprisingly hip. Hop even.

The video is going viral, though, for one simple reason: Sexy When You Do That actually contains all the ingredients of hit songs heard on the radio right now, by well trained and experienced, talented artists.

Of course, that's always for the listener to decide, so click on the video and find out why it's likely to be a long, hot summer on the radio, now that just about anybody can write a hit song.

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