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Sexy soccer stars of World Cup 2014

Soccer is a fun and exciting sport to watch. But if you need a little extra incentive, how about the prospect of watching some of the world's sexiest men run around for 90 minutes? Not every soccer player is qualified to be an underwear model, but almost all of them do have well defined abs, rock solid legs, a chiseled chest, and super sexy arms.

Neymar of Brazil stands alone as the sexiest man of World Cup 2014
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Neymar of Brazil is by far the sexiest man of the 2014 World Cup. Although his good looks alone can't help his team win, he does have the talent that the host nation is counting on to carry them through the tournament. No list of sexy soccer stars would be complete without Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal. Although his team did not make it very far in the tournament, he is probably the best known soccer star in the world because of his exceptional talent and dashing good looks. Lionel Messi of Argentina may not be the best looking player in the tournament, but he is the best soccer player in the world right now and one of the best players of all time. And, of course, the US Men's National Team has its share of hotties. Jermaine Jones may be a bit of a wild card on the field, but his dimples and rough edges make him the sexiest guy on the team.

Just about every sport has its share of good looking athletes, but none of them are on display in the same way soccer players are. Soccer has relatively little equipment and the athletes run around in form fitting shirts and shorts. They are not hidden underneath helmets and long pants. Many of them fashionably style their hair before games. Soccer players look just as good on the field as they do off the field. It's no secret that soccer players are some of the most physically fit athletes. This exquisite physic makes for some of the sexiest men in the world.

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