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Sexy Scarves for Men

The quickest way to look like Brad Pitt.
The quickest way to look like Brad Pitt.

The Scarf: An accessory that not only serves the purpose of preserving body heat, but also aids (or establishes) sex appeal. Why American men have not taken up this trend is beyond my imagination, but thankfully the 2010 fashion gurus have offered a glimmer of hope. Scarves are the new black. . . and “metrosexual” is back.

A scarf is an excellent and possibly inexpensive gift, but BEWARE according to the online fashionistas there are several factors to consider when selecting the perfect dude-scarf.

Some scarves will make your man look more tender, more comforting, or more sophisticated… Scientists are still developing the scarf that causes these qualities to seep in to their neck and up to their brain… The perfect pattern is essential as it can determine his success, and the color must compliment his complexion. God forbid you buy a scarf that brings out his pink undertones.

Furthermore, make sure you get the right fabric, or your guy could look fat, short, or stumpy.

“Honey, do I look fat in this scarf?”