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Sexy Pixels: Seduce Me

This is a cover promo for the game.
This is a cover promo for the game.
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There are dozens upon dozen of card games out there: Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic The Gathering, etc. The same goes for videos games. However, how many card games are erotic RPG adventures? And no, this writer is not referring to a LARP version using Playboy nude decks, although…

Anyway, no, the game at hand here is Seduce Me: a point and click adventure card game. Players are randomly invited to a wealthy vacation home full of desperate housewives, horny maids, and more. It’s like a Mediterranean version of some reality show like the O.C. There’s kind of a story here, but it’s pretty light and only there to guide players into women’s underwear.

Instead of focusing purely on a dialogue tree similar to a Persona game there are card games. It’s all a bit confusing. The outcome of card battles feels random and no real skill is required. Perhaps this was made challenging on purpose. After all, it’s all about getting lucky…get it?

Seduce Me has a lot of neat ideas that come across as a bit simplistic and unfinished. There are not many erotic games on the market that are as sophisticated and well designed, artistically, as this one. It’s definitely worth checking out especially for lonely bachelors on Valentine’s Day in-between sessions of porn, of course

Seduce Me is available for both Mac and PC. For a demonstration of Seduce Me watch ReActionExaminer for more Sexy Pixels and other shows.