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Sexy, new, engine-revving Mercedes-Benz-Club fragrance launches this fall

The soon to be released (September 2014) varoom, varoom men’s Mercedes-Benz-Club fragrance fits guys of fall with a woody, seductive scent created by master perfumer Olivier Cresp who says, ““I wanted it to oscillate between the fusing effect of the citrus cocktail and the addictive sensuality of an elegant woody sillage. Revealing the excitement that comes from mingling lemon zest, grapefruit and Florida orange with the deep, strong energy of modern wood.”

Men these will rev your engines
Courtesy Mercedes-Benz-Club

Youthful and energetic, the masculine fragrance scent revs up a subtle contrast between elegance and vigor with its deep, sensual base accord stimulated by fresh, sparkling, slightly acidic hesperidia notes. It’s really irresistibly sexy packed in a streamlined and aerodynamic shaped, futurist bottle with ametal sculpture, like an architectured carapace with curves and lines that evoke colored gleam of glass.

The ride:
Pulsing freshness—with hesperidia notes that are blended with the green freshness of rhubarb to add a vibrant signature which makes this fragrance so unique.
High seduction--Ultra-modern elegance, built around an exhilarating and thrilling aquatic accord, contrasted by the spicy and intense temperament of juniper berries and cardamom.
Woody addiction-- captivating cadences of patchouli and dry woods, mingled to the warm character of tonka beans and ambrox, bring a sexy and sensual trail.

Sticker prices:
Mercedes-Benz Club Eau de Toilette Natural Spray - 100 ml - $79.
Mercedes-Benz Club Eau de Toilette Natural Spray - 50 ml - $59.
Mercedes-Benz Club Shower Gel - 150 ml - $26.00
Mercedes-Benz Club Alcohol-Free Deodorant Stick - 75 g - $29

Products available from September 2014 at specialist perfume retailers.

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