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Sexy clothes for classy women

This dress from Forever 21 shows legs.
This dress from Forever 21 shows legs.

The most important thing any woman could apply to the way she dresses is to maintain her feminine sex appeal--with a sense of class, that is.  Every woman, at some point in her life, has wanted to feel sexy.  It's natural to want that--to want to feel powerful and seductive.   This is especially something women want to do around the holidays when they are at various work parties and visiting their family and friends at parties. But how do we do this as women, while still maintaining a sense of class?  It's easier than you may think.Being both sexy and classy is about picking and choosing.  It's about making sure you reveal one standout area of skin and cover the rest.  This doesn't mean showing your neck and dressing like a nun.  It means choosing legs over chest, chest over legs, arms over cleavage etc.  You have to pick and choose which parts you want to show and which you do not.  If you show them all, it will look like you belong on the sidewalk.  Sorry, but whether or not you are truly a classy woman in real life will not matter if you project an image that looks like you are not.  

Elizabeth Taylor was both sexy and classy.  She had a mysterious sex appeal.
Elizabeth Taylor

Class is also about the way you walk, the way you carry yourself and talk to others--so is sex appeal. Many silver screen sirens knew this and used both their clothes and body language to project a sexy image that still was tasteful. Throwing your shoulders back and having a sense of your surroundings--your worth as a woman--is a lot more attractive than hunching over behind some sweats and a giant purse that we all too often see many women carrying.  You don't have to talk like a old movie star or have the manners of royalty to achieve a balance of sex appeal and class.  You just have to say please and thank you with sincerity, be confident in your femininity, and always, always steer the conversation toward the other person.  This is perhaps, the single most important thing you can do as a sexy, classy, or any type of woman there is.  Not only will always making a conversation about the other person or man you are with make you seem more interested, but it will add to your mystique and therefore your sexiness.  I strongly believe that wearing clothes effectively and fashion is not just about what's on the outside, it's also about what's inside.  And, as corny as it may sound, think about it.  If you saw a woman dressed head to toe in the most beautiful clothes you could imagine, but she opens her mouth to talk and all she does is name drop, brag about herself, and interrupt you, all elements of class and sex appeal go out the window.  If you see a woman, for instance, dressed in a low cut top and thigh high boots with a mini skirt, who is the kindest, nicest, most interesting person you met, she is; but her clothes are not what causes her to be interesting and a great person.  If you add some classy feminine clothes with the personality, there you have it, sex appeal and class.  

I have created a list of essentials that, on the outside, can be used to express a sexy and classy image.  However, this is only half of the work.  As a woman, you have to remember the way you walk, act, and talk is just as important if not more, than what you wear.  I have seen examples of this is in real life when a perfectly good outfit was ruined by a woman with a foul mouth and a bad attitude.  There are many women and men that would agree with me. 

So remember, after you view the clothes I have picked out for creating a classy and sexy wardrobe, this is only half of what will create the image of a classy and sexy woman.  If you haven't already, do a little self reflection, read some books, learn how to truly embody this type of woman.  I know I am not talking to a bunch of classless women, but no matter how much you have learned and how accomplished you are, we all could use some more advice on how to improve ourselves on the outside and inside.  You will see the list of pieces I found for creating your classy and sexy wardrobe.  For the rest, there are great sites on the internet and books about manners, conversation techniques etc...  Clothes are simply the way we express ourselves, but our personalities are the way we make someone remember who we truly are.


  • Angevilain 4 years ago

    Great tips, they are certainly the fundamental base of class ans sexyness. Personally I'm always described as "mysterious", "sexy", "classy" and "elegant". The beauty of it is that I don't spend much on sexy clothing, it's a matter of choosing wise and choosing versatile items that you can mix and match. I always purchase brand names on SALE, always. The pro to this, is that the material looks nicer. The items selected here are great choices. I understand that when we visit clubs, we are tempted to dress to impress, and as such compete with the current trend... Mostly skanky ( short, tight, skin everywhere ). Personally, I can't stand being perceived as a one night stand, but rather as the lasting one. Personality, manners, sincere smiles and good posture are essential to any outfit.