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Sexy Chocolate: A seductively delicious cocktail for Valentine's Day

Black raspberry liqueur
Black raspberry liqueur

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and you're probably wondering how to make the evening a special one. While you can go out to a fancy restaurant and splurge on luxury gifts, why not impress your significant other with a home-cooked gourmet meal and a seriously decadent cocktail called "Sexy Chocolate." It's not about the grandiosity of a gesture that moves someone, but rather the thought and the effort that leaves a lasting impression. That's far more meaningful that a tennis bracelet or a wine-of-the-month membership or dinner at the hottest new restaurant in town. So put on your aprons and stock up your liquor cabinets and get mixing!

Sexy Chocolate is a cocktail with a creamy base, featuring Chambord®, a black raspberry liqueur that emulates a raspberry liqueur produced in the Loire Valley of France during the late 17th century. This liqueur was said to have been introduced to Louis XIV during one of his visits to the Château de Chambord. Next, is Bailey's Irish cream, which makes for some truly delicious cocktails, coffee liqueur, dark creme de cacao, soda water and milk. You'll need two cocktail glasses and if you want to make more of a splash, you can garnish your cocktails with fresh raspberries.


3 parts Bailey's® Irish cream
3 parts coffee liqueur
3 parts dark creme de cacao
1/2 part Chambord® raspberry liqueur
1 splash milk
1 splash soda water


1. A cocktail shaker works really well for this recipe, but you can use two glasses as well to shake things up (although it can be tough, if you're new to mixology). Add all the ingredients to your cocktail shaker and shake well.

2. Pour equally into two cocktail glasses, garnish with fresh raspberries and enjoy.

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