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Sexy chicken now has a tweet stream

Sexy chicken causing flutter in the Twitterverse
Sexy chicken causing flutter in the Twitterverse
Tony Cenicola / New York Times via Redux Picture

This all-too-sexy chicken started a trend on Twitter thanks to the racy pose photographer Tony Cenicola chose to accompany a New York Times story Tuesday. The topic? A growing fascination among young, popular chefs with crackly, tasty, greasy, crispy chicken skin.

By Wednesday, the image had not only spread all over Twitter because of the suggestive pose, but because of its effect on animal rights activists, such as the group PETA, which deemed it, "downright offensive."

"When I saw it I just couldn't believe that an editor of The New York Times would find it acceptable," said PETA's founder and president, Ingrid Newkirk, to The Atlantic Wire. "It's a plucked, beheaded, young chicken in a young pose."

Despite the objection, PETA is a group that knows sex sells, and is launching its own site with sexy images meant to discourage plucking, beheading, and consuming chickens.

However, New York Times editors claimed it was simply art. "My original concept was sort of a languid nude," said Tiina Loite, Dining photo editor, in a Times' Lens blog post which exposed more on the sexy chicken story. " became a completely different vibe. The chicken had attitude."

Thursday night a comical voice was added to the visual, and ruffled feathers may be blown all about! @NYTChicken has spoken, and there is cackling in the Twitterverse.

Check out the chicken's stream here.


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