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Sexuality designations?......really not that interested

The majority consensus and message of Prop 8 was buried in leftist rhetoric.
The majority consensus and message of Prop 8 was buried in leftist rhetoric.

Burger King came out with a Whopper hamburger sandwich which has a rainbow label supporting the gay lifestyle? They never came out with anything supporting heterosexuality.

The message has been buried anyway since the Marriage Initiative was sabotaged by a clearly partisan Attorney General’s office back in 2008. We had 52% of hateful homophobic rabid Californians voting to strip away constitutional rights of homosexuals. Clearly the main perpetrators were the Church of Latter Day Saints brainwashing the 52% of Californians with their religious diatribe.

Besides the politics of California’s attorney general’s office, we had a ruling by an appellate judge who was in a long term same sex relationship, an attorney general refusing to do their job, and finally a ruling by the Supreme Court refusing to hear Prop 8 because…..California’s attorney general refused to do their job.

One does not have to stretch the truth to make the call that Prop 8 was legal maneuvering at maximum effectiveness. Besides, most people are not interested in sexual designations.

As a black conservative evangelical Christian and speaking for many other Christians whose message has been twisted by a disingenuous media, the definition of marriage as what the majority said it was, and by coincidence also happened to be the Biblical description of marriage was the main issue.

Nobody was restricting anyone’s constitutional rights. Nobody was alluding that love is not important. And the vast majority did not hate gay people. The definition of marriage never applied to same sex couples by…….well by definition. This is the reason civil unions or domestic partnerships were created.

It wasn’t conservatives or religious organizations fault that domestic partnership or civil unions were created with second class status which was an outrage. Religious affiliated people would have been willing to march with gays regarding fair medical, insurance, inheritance, visitation, economic, or employment discriminatory practices that were unfair to same sex couples.

Let’s face it, there is far more sexual sins being committed by heterosexuals than homosexuals. The wording to make homosexual marriage illegal came from then Jerry Brown’s attorney-general office, not the people that created and signed the original marriage initiative.

There was a hate campaign waged, but it was not done by the forces that originally wanted the marriage initiative on that fateful ballot in 2008. This hateful label has had a chilling impact on religious freedoms since the spiritual organizations were painted as the evil empire. The negativity still surrounding religions are still surging about because…….well you just can’t turn off a hateful environment with an on and off switch.

Although the majority are not that interested in sexual designations, that has not turned off the climate where sexual preferences are still being circulated in the media as though everyone is interested when people are really not. After the parade of firsts from Afro Americans, Hispanics, women, Koreans, Vietnamese, Indian, Japanese and so forth, there really isn’t that much interest in knowing who the first gay this or that was when gays have already been well represented in the past by various occupations. Homosexuality has been around for thousands of years and it is rather presumptuous to claim gay anything as a first in the 21st century.

Who is the first gay astronaut? There just isn’t the same impact since sexual designation is only now becoming a huge issue when it should not be. There may have been a gay astronaut already, but technical skills and the intelligence needed to even enter the astronaut program are what is important for the skill level to be qualified for space.

Meanwhile walking by the flesh is something those outside of religious faith severely lack understanding. Believers are not suppose to be governed by our feelings or emotions. Being defined by our sexuality should be extremely low on the priority pole.

There is no righteousness assigned by our sexual preference anyway as all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God according to the word of God.

That is why sexual designations are not that important to those in tune with their spirituality.

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