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Sexual terms and key words Glossary for Internet Inquiry

Glossary and keywords for Internet inquiry

Abstinence Refraining from sex for an extended time. Some people consider it only from avoiding actual intercourse but allowing petting, oral sex and non-penetrating activities.

Acyclovir A drug used for the treatment of herpes infections.

After play Cuddling, coressing, hugging, pillow talking and all

affectionate communication and activity occuring after sexual
intercourse, other sexual activity or orgasm.

AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is an infectious disease causing destruction of the immune system's ability to fight infections. It is caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus virus or HIV which is transmitted through contact with infected blood, semen, breast milk, vaginal and cervical secretions. Infected pregnant woman may transmit HIV to her baby during pregnancy or during the birth process.
Amrita Means nector of the goddes and refers to the fluid ejaculated from the urthra during a woman’s wet orgasm. It is frequently confused with urine but is actually similar to ths male ejaculate in chemical composition without sperm.
Anal intercourseSexual behavior in which one partner's penis is
inserted into another's
Annilingus Stimulation of the anal area by the lips or tongue, also
known as rimming.
Aphrodisiac Any substance, usually a food or ingestant thought to stimulate or greatly increase sexual desire.
Bartholin’s glands Four small glands situates around the vaginam enterence which secrete small amounts of fluid thought to add lubrication during sexual arousal.
Bisexual A person who is sexually attracted to or has sexual contact
with both males and females.
Blow job A slang expression for giving oral sex to a man, though it is
sometimes used to oral sex
on a woman.
Bondage Use of ropes, scarves, chains, handcuffs, straps, leather, ties,
pantihose, or anything else to bind ones partner, usually to bed posts as
part of sexual activity. Bondage should only be a
consensual activity.
Candidiasis A vaginal infection that is caused by the excessive growth of a yeastlike fungus that occurs normally in the body. It can also infect the mouth, throat, foreskin and anus and rectum, It is not considered a STD and rarely is transmitted by sexual activity. It is the same as trush in children.
Chlamydia Is an STD which is often asymptomatic and treatable. This sexually transmitted disease can cause permanent damage to reproductive organs and lead to sterility.
CIN Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia or CIN is a pre-cancerous condition initiated by the human papilloma virus or HPV, which causes a majority of cervical cancer. Now there is an inoculation which can protect women form this virus and dramatically reduce her chances of ever getting cervical cancer. It is usually transmitted through sexual activity.
Coitus interruptus This is a birth control method in which the male withdraws his penis form a woman's vagina before ejaculation. It is not a very reliable contrceptive method.
Condyloma This STD is also known as genital warts, caused by a virus called the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV.
Contraception Is the use of, devices, drugs or techniques to prevent pregnancy and is also referred to as birth control.
Cowper's glands These are two small gland structures attached to the urethra in the male which may secrete a few drops of clear, fluid during sexual arousal.
Cunnilingus Is the oral stimulation of the female genital area by the tongue or lips of her partner.
Cyrotherapy This is a procedure in which liquid nitrogen is used to destroy genital warts or cauterizing cervical precancerous lesions by freezing the areas.
Cystitis This is a urinary trackt infection or UTI which is an inflammation and infection, usually bacterial, of the urinary bladder which may spread to urethra, ureters and possibly the kidneys, if not treated and causing painful and frequent urination.
Diaphragm This is a dome-shaped rubber contraceptive device used by women by insertion into the vagina and covering the cervix to block sperm from entering the cervical opening.
Dyspareunia A term referring to painful intercourse.
Dysmenorrhea Is the pain experienced before or during menstruation; typified by abdominal cramps, backaches and discomfort in the thighs.
Dysplasia This refers to abnormal and often precancerous cell growth.
Ectopic pregnancy Is a pregnancy in which a fertilized egg implants
itself in a site other than the uterus, most often a fallopian tube or
abdominal cavity.
Ejaculation Is the expulsion of semen from the penis, or amrita from the female urethra usually during orgasm or high sexual arrousal.
Estrogen Is the hormone produced primarily by the ovaries and is responsible for sexual maturation, regulation of the menstrual cycle, and maintenance of the vagina, uterine lining and female genitalia.
Fellatio Is the oral stimulation of the male genitals by the mouth, tongue or lips of a partner.
Fetish A personal sexual significance to a non-sexual object or body oart such as shoes, panties, bras or feet.
Foreplay Any sexual stimulaton done in preparation for sexual intercourse such as cuddling, kissing, cuddling, petting, oral sex, sex toy stimulationsor any other activity designed to increase desire or sexual arousal.
Genitals Refers to the male and females sex organs.
Genital warts Are the lesions or growths occuring on or around the genitals, anus or throat; spread through sexual contact.
Glans Penis or Glans Clitoris Is the tip of the penis or clitoris, which is extremely rich with nerve endings capable of bringing extreme sexual pleasure and orgasm.
G-spot or Grafenburg area An area inside the vagina against its from wall and behind the pubic bone in which when stimulated causes intense sexual arousal, pleasure and often orgasm.
Gonads Refers to the testes or ovaries of male and female reproductive glands.
Gonorrhea Is a sexually transmitted disease or STD which is usually spread through vaginal or anal intercourse or oral sex..
Group sex Any combination of participant of three or more envolved in sexual activity together at the same time.
Herpes Is a common viral infection which causes cold sore-like blisters or rashes around the mouth or genitals; spread by skin-to-skin contact with an infected area.
Heterosexuality Is the sexual orientation in which a person is sexually, emotionally, and socially attracted towards members of the opposite sex.
HIV Refers to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, the virus which is the
precurser AIDS or other life threatening infections.
Homophobia Is the fear of or hostility or bias against homosexuals.
Homosexuality Is the sexual orientation in which a person is sexually, emotionally, and socially attracted toward members of the same sex.
Hormones Refers to the chemical substances secreted by the endocrine glands into the bloodstream, that have an effect on physiological functioning of all the human body and psychological behavior.
HPV Refers to the Human Papilloma Virus; the family of over 100 viruses, some of which cause genital warts, cervical cancer, cold sores, chicken pox and other health problems.
Impotence Is the inability to have or maintain a firm erection sufficient to complete sexual intercourse or orgasm despite stimulation. It is also known as erectile dysfunction or ED.
Infertility Is the inability of a man, woman, or couple to conceive a child after one year of trying
Intrauterine device Is a small plastic device which is inserted into the uterus as a birth control method also known as an IUD.
Latex condom Is an impermeable rubber sheath which fits over the penis to functions as a contraceptive device and helps protect against some sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.
Masturbation Is the act of stimulating oneself usually by stroking the genital area or with the use of sex toys and usually to the point of orgasm.
Mons Pubis or mons veneris This is the mound in front of the pubic bone which is covered by the woman’s pubic hair. It is the soft area above the vulva and in from of the clitoris. Stimulation of the area may be quite arousing.
Mutual masturbation Sexual activity in which partners stimulate each other’s genitals at the same time.
Oral contraceptive Refers to birth control pills.
Oral sex Stimulation of one’s partner’s genitals by mouth, tongue or teeth.
Ovulation Is the process by which a mature egg is released from the ovary allowinf for potential pregnancy.
Ovum Is the a mature egg cell discharged form the overy during ovulation.
Pap smear Is a procedure in which a small sampling of vaginal cells are taken from the walls of the vagina and cervix to test for cervical cancer.
Pelvic inflammatory disease or PID Is an inflammation of the fallopian tubes, the lining of the uterus, and frequently the lower abdominal cavity caused by various bacterial infections, such as chlamydia or gonorrhea.
Perineum The short area of skin between the back of the genitals and the front of the anus.
Premature ejaculation Is a common male sexual dysfunction in which ejaculation uncontrollably occurs before or shortly after intercourse begins and before satisfactory sexual intercourse can be completed.
Premenstrual syndrome or PMS Refers to a combination of physical and psychological symptoms that some women experience prior to menstruation.
Progesterone Is the female hormone that maintains the uterine lining during pregnancy.
Rimming Is the oral stimulation of the anus; also referred to as analingus.
Semen Is the white fluid, containing sperms, that is ejaculated from the penis during orgasm. It is produced mainly by the prostate gland.
Seminal vesicles Are the two sac-like organs that contribute secretions
to seminal fluid.
Sexually transmitted disease or STD Is an infection caused by a bacteria, virus, or protozoa; transmitted primarily through genital contact, sexual intercourse or oral and anal sex.
Skin condoms Is a sheath condom made from animal membranes which fits over the erect penis and functions as a contraceptive device but it does not protect against STDs
Sperm Is the male reproductive cell which contains half of the chromosomes necessary for fertilizing an egg from the female ovulation.
Spermatogenesis Is the production of spermby the testicals.
Spermicides These are contraceptive chemicals designed to kill spermatazoa.
Syphilis Is an STD caused by a microorganism which enters the bloodstream usually through sexual contact.
Tantra The sexual union between a man and woman based on principles as-well-as practices of Eastern philosophies and spirituality.
Testes Are the pair of male reproductive glands, located in the scrotum, which produce sperm and sex hormones.
Testosterone Is a hormone secreted by the testes in the male and adrenal cortex in both sexes and can elevate sexual desire and function in both males and females.
Toxic shock syndrome. Is a life threatening illness occurring when highly absorbent tampons provide an environment for growth of bacteria in the vagina.
Trichomoniasis Is a common vaginal infection, characterized by an odorous, yellowish or greenish discharge with vaginal itching, burning and irritation, caused by the parasite trichomonas also sometimes known as “trich.”
Vaginismus Is a vaginal disfunction caused by the wmans pelvic muscles being so tightly contracted or spasmed that nothing can penetrate the vagina.
Vas deferens Are the ducts that carry sperm form the testes to the base of the urethra where they will mix with the seminal fluid from the prostate.


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