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Sexual revolution leaving American women plagued by anxiety disorders

In spite of their advances in education and the workforce anxiety disorders are replacing happiness for American women. Sexual liberation was supposed to bring equality for females that expected fulfillment with the freedom to pursue lust without expecting committed relationships.

Anxiety disorders plauging women
Morguefile/Anita Peppers

Instead of bringing happiness women are 60% more likely than men to experience an anxiety disorder over their lifetime and taking antidepressant medication to alleviate their distress.

There is evidence that America’s present promiscuous culture is leaving in its wake increasing incidence of sexually transmitted disease (SDT) , teen pregnancy, abortions, and single or households headed by women.

Among the statistics cited by were

  • 19 million new STD infections every single year
  • 50% of new STD infections are in the 15 to 24-year-old age bracket
  • 24,000 American women become infertile each year due to undiagnosed STDs
  • More than half of all babies born to women under age 30 are born out of wedlock.
  • Approximately one million abortions from all methods occur every single year
  • America has the highest divorce rate in the world

Increasingly men are rejecting their traditional roles that once defined “manliness” that required taking equal responsibility for the well-being of the women in their lives through lifelong commitments. The sexual revolution that has resulted in the emasculation of men as women became the aggressor in sexual relationships leaving behind a population of females that now depend on medications instead of companionship.

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