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Sexual monotony drives women to cheat

The infrequency of sex, the increasing infrequency of sex, and the lack of passion in bed is what leads the majority of middle aged married women to have affairs even though these women are not interested in divorce. This is the conclusion of research conducted by Eric Anderson, a professor at the University of Winchester in England, and colleagues that was published in the National Post On Aug 15, 2014, and will be presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association. The study adds to the body of evidence that women are equally interested in extramarital sex..

People watch television monitors as professional golfer Tiger Woods makes his first public statement concerning a string of infidelities he has confessed to February 19, 2010, at an ESPN restaurant in Times Square in New York City.
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The study group included 100 heterosexual women between the ages of 35 and 45 that were married. This age group is considered middle aged even though women are living longer and may take umbrage at the distinction. The women’s responses to the advances of potential suitors on the website formed the basis for the study results.

The majority of middle aged women (67 percent) seek affairs because they want more passion and sex in bed. The entire group of 100 women had no intention of divorcing their husband. The entire group claimed to feel love for their husband and the majority portrayed their husband in a positive light except in the bedroom. Sexual monotony not marital disharmony was the major driver in women seeking to have affairs.

The study points out several facts that run contrary to societal norms as presented by government, schools, and religion. Women are as randy as men. Women cheat to find passion and better sex. The majority of women in the study sought to have an affair with a single individual while men seek to have numerous extramarital partners.

Anderson concludes that the societal norm of a single sexual partner for life is a massive failure and the stigmatization of people the “cheat” is not a measure of the love a person has for their marital partner. Women are more stigmatized than men for cheating. Men might want to wake up, bone up on better sex, and pay more attention to their wife if they do not want their wives to cheat

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