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Sexual misconduct charge placed on 5-year-old for 'voluntary depantsing'

This young boy has been labeled with sexual misconduct.
This young boy has been labeled with sexual misconduct.
Arizona 3

A sexual misconduct charge was brought down on a five-year-old boy by the name of Eric Lopez, and the district has defended the discipline. The Inquisitr reported on June 29, 2014, that Lopez was given the charge for a situation that has been called a voluntary "depantsing." This move happened last spring when the boy went on the school playground and dropped his pants and underwear.

Once the incident happened, officials at Ashton Ranch Elementary School brought Lopez into the school office to explain to him the wrong he had done. They also had him sign a piece of paper that had the boy acknowledge the infraction.

Eric Lopez did not ask for his parents to be present during this meeting with disciplinary officials, but that is a right they all have. Lopez's mother says he was not aware that he could have his parents with him.

No disciplinary time will have to be served by the five-year-old, but the sexual misconduct charge and label will stay on his record. Well, that's for as long as he continues to attend the Dysart Unified School District in Surprise, Arizona.

He did receive a detention for the infraction.

In regard to Lopez signing the paper without asking for his parents, his mother, Erica Martinez, said "He did not know that he could ask for me. He's five."

Martinez has fought for two months, and will continue to fight, to get the label off of her son's record. The district believes they are justified in the ruling and stand by it.

"Our school district uses consistent language for disciplinary infractions in order to provide clarity and track discipline data accurately," Assistant Superintendent Jim Dean said in a written statement.

Martinez doesn't believe that the school district paid much attention to Eric Lopez's age when he was given the charge and label for his "depantsing."

Dean has stated that Martinez will be allowed to provide a rebuttal to the report in Lopez's permanent file.

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