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Sexual Frustration May Shorten Life Span

Sexual frustration seems to shorten the life span of fruit flies and according to recent research may do so to humans as well. It has long been known that the expectation of food has an effect on the life span of earth's creatures, but now sexual frustration seems to also hold true for the same problem.

Sexual Health: Live longer and Happier
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Research on fruit flies shows that if sex is denied to the males it shortens their life spans. They lose fat reserves more quickly, lose resistance to starvation and it increases stress dramatically. If they were allowed to mate, the life spans of the flies was kept stable.

Dr. Scott D. Pletcher, a profesor at the U of M medical school states, "Our findings give us a better understanding about how sensory perception and physiological state are integrated in the brain to affect long-term health and lifespan." This study in itself at least suggests that sexual frustration has a major negative impact on health and well being. Thus, sexual rewards goes hand in hand when it comes down to healthy aging due to how the brain processes expectations and rewards.

Fruit flies have a huge positive impact when it comes down to studying the effects of aging, considering that they live only about 60 days. And many proven discoveries that were noted from fruit fly studies have been effective in longer lived animals, such as mice for instance.

So yes, some people may say its just fruit flies. But fruit flies have been used as study animals for years, so I would not take this data lightly when it comes down to living a happier and healthier life. So when it comes down to having a good sex life, it may also help you live longer, happier and healthier in the end.

If anyone were to have concerns or questions about such studies or may need sexual relationship help, there are many groups here in St. Cloud that can give quality resources needed in order to maintain not only a healthy physical life, by psychologically as well. Contact your local family doctor and they would be happy to guide you.

By Tina Elliott


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