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Sexual Assaults Not To Be Tolerated In Egypt

Sexual Assaults Not To Be Tolerated In Egypt
Sexual Assaults Not To Be Tolerated In Egypt

The night that President el-Sissi was sworn into office there was some partying going on all over the country. There is just one problem, you see when the riots took place last year men and women were out demonstrating and protesting and women were getting gang raped. It was not just one girl it was many and it was all over the country. Here is the catch no one was prosecuted or even brought in to talk to the police. After awhile anytime a riot or protest or just large crowds congregating in the streets women were being violated they were also getting beaten up and being raped. These men would just go nuts and become savages.

Back to the inauguration parties those same good ole boys came out and brutally raped and beat anybody they wanted. Finally many began to speak out against the violence and a new law was decreed last week outlawing sexual assault which punishable up to five years in prison. Now this is a big step for these people who still think women are subservient to men.

Since the law some thirteen men have been arrested for sexual assault upon a 19 year old college student. The young lady was caught at Tahrir Square in Cairo. The woman was repeatedly raped and beaten. She was left naked in the square surrounded by on lookers.

President el-Sissi visited the women in the hospital. He personally apologized to the young woman and to all Egyptian women and stated that this sort of behavior would no longer be tolerated.

Here's something to think about. Why was it tolerated at all? Egypt is one of the oldest countries on the planet. One would think that somewhere along the way they might have thought raping and beating someone would be wrong.

Some 20 plus other women were also raped and beaten that night of the inauguration. What's going to happen for them ?This type of behavior cannot be tolerated in modern society. Good for you Egypt for finally realizing the error of your ways.