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Sexual abuse of students by teachers often ignored and unpunished

Alert parents are becoming aware that sexual abuse of students by teachers is not just an occasional problem rather something that is happening in every state in America. However some administrators choose to ignore sexual misconduct and even when it is discovered perpetrators often go unpunished.

Protest against sexual violence

The cover-ups by school administrators and teachers union leaders that protect educators who sexually prey on students lead to perpetrators continuing the abuse until a public outcry forces retirement but not always prosecution for committing the crime.

Now EAGnews has embarked on

…a sustained effort to document national epidemic: Teachers sexually abusing students.

Unlike the mainstream media, EAG does not consider this an occasional problem. For example

Last year New York City officials reported 679 complaints about sexual misconduct by school employees in the previous year. It led to 287 investigations which substantiated 66 accusations.

The Texas Education Agency investigated 156 allegations of teacher-student sexual abuse in 2011-12 which was about 70 more than in 2007-2008.

According to author Steven Gunn

Most experts also believe for every reported case of teacher-student sexual abuse, any number of cases go unreported.

Meanwhile union efforts were able to kill legislation in California and New York that would have made it easier for schools to fire sexually problematic teachers.

In taking responsibility for the education of their children it is necessary that parents join with people like Campbell Brown, former CNN anchor and founder of the Parents Transparency Project who is trying to get attention about the epidemic of sexual abuse of children by teachers.

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