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Sexting: What to Avoid

Once you've connected online, take it to the "real world" with stronger communication.
Once you've connected online, take it to the "real world" with stronger communication.
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SO the matchmaking quizzes have paid off, and the compatibility statements on your cutie’s profile have piqued your interest. The banter through guided communication has convinced both of you to move to the next level.   Or that hottie you met at the bar last weekend took you up on your one-liner and gave you their digits, but has so far resisted voice communication and instead fills your inbox with texts. 

What to know about texts, or "sexting": 

Text messages are convenient, but they make it difficult to develop a lasting bond because of their impersonal nature. What flirtations can be typed out in 100 characters or less reveal very little about oneself. Sooner or later, you will have to talk - especially if you meet up for dinner.

Do not text too long without making plans to meet offline. The sooner you meet face to face, the easier it will be for you to determine if this person is right for you. Be honest and upfront. If you text too long, the initial spark you may have felt could falter and one or both may lose interest.

Avoid hitting "Send" too often. To get their voice on the phone, you need to use yours. Instead of writing back right away, wait a while and then call. He or she will wonder why you have not responded, and will be even more eager to make contact later.

Keep it “E for Everyone”, not Rated R. "Had a great time with you" is nice, but censor the bedroom talk. You never know who else may be around when your target reads the message!

Make your intentions clear. Keep it brief and to the point. Drop hints about what the next step should be, i.e. a callback, a meeting place or a time to get together.

Mind your P's and Q's.  "C U L8r QT :p" may have worked in middle school, but it is the wrong bait to use when you're trying to snag an executive or professional. Be mature and thoughtful – and exercise adult grammar, the kind that got you through your SAT's.

Still looking for that someone? Consider an online matchmaking service or speed dating.

Happy hunting!


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