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Sexism alive and well in America.

The use of this picture by Newsweek is sexist.
The use of this picture by Newsweek is sexist.

We live in an amazing time in American History, and we owe it to countless individuals who have for hundreds of years now, fought to see that all be treated equally in this great nation.

We've seen many minorities rise to positions of leadership, through talent, education and ability.

We've even seen two minorities rise to the greatest office of this nation, The Presidency.  A Catholic in John F. Kennedy and an African-American in President Barack Obama. 

Yes, we've made great strides towards equality, but does it apply to everyone?

It seems to many of us that lately, one minority group is facing some tough obstacles; women.

In American society and educational systems, we tell our daughters that they are just as smart, gifted and capable of leadership as men... and then the American media trashes a strong, independent woman.

What is wrong with Sarah Palin that so many are quick to vilify her?

Perhaps the problem with her is that she didn't go to an Ivy League school, like so many of our esteemed politicians.  They're doing such a great job; that must be a requirement to be elected.  It's a possibility.

Of course most Americans don't even have a degree and those that do, received them at state schools.  Some of them even had to go to multiple schools to achieve their diploma; just like Sarah Palin. 

This can't be the problem.

Is it because she looks and acts like the typical, middle class soccer mom, or in her case, hockey mom?

She loves her kids, takes care of her family and works hard to look good while doing so. 

Is that the problem?  Is it an issue of vanity?  Can a good looking woman not lead us.  Seems to most of us, the politicians of D.C. are vain individuals and that has not held them back.

So that can't be the issue.

The cover of Newsweek splashed a cover picture of Mrs. Palin in her running shorts, a picture she took for Runners World.  Why would they use that picture?  How does that picture apply to their article?  Should intelligent, good looking women dress more conservatively all the time or face charges of ineptitude? 

Sarah Palin grew up in a world, thanks to the civil rights era, that taught girls they can achieve anything.  Now that society has broken most of the glass ceiling, why are they attacking a woman who has achieved many things because of these broken barriers?

It has to be a sexism issue, or more accurately, sexism towards strong, good looking, respectable women. 

If I were a young girl, the lesson that I would take from the year long attack of Sarah Palin is that if I am going to be a smart leader, I better not look like the typical woman.

Maybe women have to be post-menopausal, plain looking or void of children to be taken seriously. 

Or maybe, they shouldn't be conservatives.

Women of America should look at the treatment of Mrs. Palin very seriously.  Soon others, perhaps where you work, will take the same attitude and attack you for working to be a strong, outspoken, independent woman.

Hopefully I'm wrong and sexism isn't on the rise.  Perhaps there's another issue at play.

Maybe the powers that be are attacking her because they are fearful that the typical, middle class person is popular and might garner enough power to serve the people instead of the handful of entitled, liberal Ivy Leaguers who are out of touch with America.


  • Catherine Page 5 years ago

    This is one of my two articles. - Stela Elmazi