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Sexiest ladies of San Diego Comic-Con 2014

Comic-Con International kicked off in San Diego yesterday marking the start of the weekend-long event of everything awesome in pop-culture. It's Mecca to comic fans across the world, and this year's convention will feature some of the Hollywood's heaviest hitters like AMC, HBO, MTV, and Marvel Studios with the cast of The Avengers:Age of Ultron arriving in California on Saturday for Marvel's panel in Hall H. Everyone knows that comics, TV, movies, and video games would be absolutely nothing without the fans, and it’s rare to find fans that are as diehard as the ones you'll find at Comic-Con International.

This cosplayer is the goddess of the con this year as Storm of the X-Men
Aaron Williams/ Instagram
Harley Quinn cosplay
Suzie Austin

From long-time vets to first-time newbies, Comic-Con is filled to the brim with fans sporting their undying love for their favorite games, shows, movies, and comics. No longer is Comic-Con a boys’ club, girls are getting in on the action too. With the ever-growing popularity of blockbuster superhero movies, comic, and book-based TV shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones and video game franchises that just keep getting better it’s impossible for female fans not to get involved -- and lucky for everyone, when female fans get involved they get really, really hot.

Cosplay is a labor of love that takes a ton of time, money, and hot-glue, but all the blood, sweat and tears are totally worth it once you hit the con decked out and looking fly. The gorgeous women of nerdom are strutting their stuff this year and we can't let these amazing works of loyalty and creativity go unappreciated. So if you're at home this weekend being bored instead of being at Comic-Con (seriously, why does it always have to sell out so fast) we've got the sexiest, fiercest, coolest ladies spotted at Comic-Con all in one awesome sideshow.

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