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Sex & The City 2 premiere: The stars and their gowns


The girls at the SATC2 Premiere

Sex & The City 2 is one of the most talked about movies of the summer, and rightly so, having been spawned from the phenom television show that taught women over the age of 35 that it is, in fact, okay to still wear mini skirts. The movie will, with Patricia Field at the costume helm, without a doubt, sport plenty of designer duds, over the top outfits, and fashion forward inspirations.

The premiere of SATC 2 was last night, in (where else?) New York City, and the bombshell stars of the movies did not disappoint with their fabulous gowns.  


Sarah Jessica Parker at the SATC2 premiere

Sarah Jessica Parker was a ray of sunshine in her neon yellow Valentino. As if yellow wasn't already headed toward being the color of the season, SJP's gown, which floated around her like a butterfly wing in the breeze, will cement the color's place in 2010s Summer trend alert. 

Her stylist must've been very proud, she was, in true Carrie Bradshaw fashion, a show stealer. The hair, the make up, the tan, all perfectly executed. Even her simplistic gunmetal gray satin heels didn't compete with the glorious gown, a look sure to be talked about for many red carpet reviews to come. 

Kim Cattrall at the SATC2 premiere

Rumor has it Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall don't have the coziest of relationships. One thing they do have in common? A yellow dress. Albeit, Cattrall's is far more simplistic and muted, the delicate beading lending itself to turn the yellow gold, This dress, by designer Naeem Khan has a vintage flare, played up by the hair and make up. 

Reviews of this dress haven't all been kind, many saying it doesn't have the sophistication Samantha would desire. A close up of this dress reveals a daisy pattern in the beading, which is the most disappointing detail of the the look. However, there is no arguing the gown looks amazing on Cattrall's body. She's the whole package with amazing skin and hair. 

While the dress may not measure up to the stratospheric expectations placed on these 4 women, it is a gorgeous gown. Arguably too youthful and not fashion forward enough for such a premiere as SATC 2, it's definitely not a flop and Cattrall will never been witnessed on a worst dressed list.


Kristen Davis at the SATC2 premiere

Kristen Davis went for a shade equally as eye-popping as her costar Sarah Jessica Parker, choosing a vintage Jean Desse gown. Davis, who in real life is reportedly nothing like her character, did right to channel Charlotte's classic, graceful style. The shape and contour of this gown are ideal for her beautiful frame. While this shade of pink may not be something many would gravitate toward, it is stunning on Davis, coming across as fresh and fierce at the same time. 

My favorite part about this look is the barren lack of accessories. When wearing a close fitting dress in a color choice like this one, it's imperative to allow the dress to make the statement. Her use of minimal jewels in metallic shades simply highlights her taste level. The character she plays has such a high end, classic taste that it works to her advantage to borrow for herself from her characters style. That is, after all, what has made her a SATC icon. 

Cynthia Nixon at the SATC2 premiere

If Cynthia Nixon's dress didn't have the wow factor that Parker and Davis had, she definitely made up for it with hair significantly lighter than that of what we're used to seeing on Miranda.  

Blond Cynthia Nixon was ravishing in an overtly simple Carolina Herrera. And when I say simple, I don't mean in the sense that Davis's vintage gown was simple in shape, or that Parker's was simple in construction, Nixon's gown was simple in the sense that it was safe. No one showing up to a red carpet event will make a worst dressed list in a form fitting black gown pin tucked here and there, accented with a diamond feather.

This is one look that could've used a little extra pop in the accessory department. Perhaps a bracelet or a more bedazzling clutch? All in all, her outfit didn't go with the theme of the evening, which was a celebration of Sex & The City 2, a movie set in the dessert with styles that will push the limits of fashion until they squirm. Nixon's outfit fell not just short, but came nowhere near the finish line SATC fans have drawn in the sand for what they expect from their 4 best girlfriends. 

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