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Sex Sells, but is it Cheap?

Assorted H&M bras. Courtesy of

Finding the perfect bra and undies is a task itself, but finding them for cheap and comfortable today is a whole different playing field.  With stores like Victoria Secret and La Senza, women often feel like they can't be "sexy" unless they own a bra from one of these outlets.  Well, your in luck.  Department stores feature a wide variety of bras and panties that may fit someone's appetite, but every now and then there is a special occasion or just plain out reason to feel sexy underneath your every day clothing.  

When I was a young girl, around 15, I discovered the H&M bra, my older friends constantly were showing off their Secrets from Victoria's, but I just didn't have the dough to fit in.  To be honest, I still can't afford most of the bras I see there that I would potentially buy.  H&M did a great job at pushing up the assets and lining the bras with lace, and cute designs.  Not only do they have great bras, they also have cute undies to go along with them.  Many bras have the option of purchasing matching underwear, but it's not mandatory.  The bras and underwear range from 7 to 30 dollars.  If you catch the clearance rack before it has been raided, you'll find them for even cheaper.  

They hold bras with and without underwire, sizes 32 a - 38 d.  They come in a variety of styles, as well as the panties.  You can find, thongs, g strings, regular cut, boy shorts, and booty shorts.  The best thing is that the majority of bras and underwear are comfortable and look like they fit right in with Victoria Secret and La Senza.  

Unfortunately, you have to purchase them in the store, but that's not always such a bad thing, H&M always has sales and cheap unique items.  Visit your nearest H&M and you'll have your own secret to hide.  Someone once told me, "ladies don't buy delicate and pretty under garments for the men to see, they do it for THEMSELVES!"  
For more info: Visit your local H&M