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Sex in public: Couple arrested at the Jersey shore for frolicking in the surf

Sex in public is considered a lewd act if performed in public. There are plenty of ways to frolic in the sun and surf without having a crowd gather to witness an act of sexual conduct that should be experienced in the privacy of one’s home.

Couple performs lewd act on the beaches of New Jersey

A Philadelphia couple was arrested for having sex in the surf on a Jersey shore during daylight hours with the entire beach full of people as their audience. Matthew Mc Peak, 27 and Stephanie Wallington, 23 according to a local Philadelphia news story yesterday from NBC the visiting couple had no qualms about showing their affection in public.

The onlookers were in disbelief of what was happening right in front of them. Many families packed up their belongings and small children and left the beach for the day so their little ones wouldn’t be further exposed to the couple who didn’t seem to care who was watching them in action. Others seem to just stand around staring at what they were doing as if in a trance or shock.

The Sea Isle City police were called, the couple was then ordered to stop what they were doing and to come out of the water. At that point they were both arrested for having sex in public. Matthew and Stephanie both appeared to have also been intoxicated at the time. The actual charge they were arrested for is described as lewdness in the fourth degree.

There are many individuals who seem to feel that having sex in public places makes their love life more interesting. The thrill of it all and the fact that they can experience not getting caught is appealing for some couples. Even so, it is wrong, illegal and authorities do have the right to arrest anyone who does perform sexual acts in public. Love making is a private matter and shouldn’t be done in the open for the entire world to see.

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