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Sex or Flowers on Valentines: What do Women Prefer?

Sex or Flowers on Valentines
Sex or Flowers on Valentines

Statistics indicate that most women prefer spending in bed with their partners rather than receiving flowers as presents during the Valentines. This was from a survey conducted in Britain.

This sounds as a relief for men in Britain since they can forgo the special occasion’s trip to refuel their cars in petrol stations rather than to purchase a bunch of flowers and enjoy a thrilling moment with their partners.

This means less about your urge for sex practice and more about our doubts for something fake like flowers on such a special occasion.

From the findings, the figures were almost tagging with 28% of women indicating that they would prefer sex, and 26% opted for flowers. However, men preferences were different with an amazing 53% going for sex after enjoying a dinner with their best halves.

This is not a surprise to any woman who goes for a dinner with her boyfriend, lover, or spouse. It is during that occasion where you will find that most restaurants have their sitting arrangement adjusted in such a way that couples can sit close to each other as much as possible.

Although you may find these figures quite incredible, Jo Hudson from Play Kinky, the spokesperson for a sex toy Lingerie Company came up with this. Hudson doesn’t point out any surprises when it comes to sex preference to flower gifts on such a romantic day.

She also gave a hint about the ages of individuals who would prefer that during the occasion.

Her expectations were for a certain group of people to prefer sex during the romantic evening. However, they were shocked to find out that even a majority of 30% of persons aged around 55-64 like sex better and for married couples, a whopping 37%. This is a clear indication that not only young people (free and single) enjoyed having sex during the special day.

She adds that couples should feel confident to sleep with their partners on Valentine’s Day, since the Play Kinky findings reflect that 59% of people accept as true the fact that their current partner on the occasion is the best partner they can get. 61% of women have the same opinion.

Other findings from the Play Kinky have it that most couples enjoy having sex at night on the special occasion than during the day. We can agree to this since the day is not in deed a holiday and most people are tied up at their working places during daytime.

Since the streets are flooded with flowers on the occasion, some people are compelled to buy them for their partners, spouses, or colleagues at work. It is not a surprise too that a bunch of flowers can end up in the wrong hands.

Whether sex or flowers on Valentine’s Day, it is a great day when couples renew their relationships, especially for those who live apart.

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