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Sex offenders in the classroom

School is supposed to be the safe place to go, but it is slowly becoming the worst place to go! In the past, students would go to school for safety and shelter when they could not get it anywhere else. What has happened to the safety and shelter? Drugs, bullying, theft, gang activities, and more have seemingly taken over the haven students once had. The most frightening of all is the mere fact that the adults who are supposed to help protect students are the ones committing the criminal acts towards students.

Just yesterday, another person working in the school system was charged with having sex with a minor. William Jesse Baber, 22 of North Charleston met the minor while working in Dorchester County Two as a substitute teacher. This meeting led to him having sex with the minor on multiple occasions.

Seemingly, more and more occurrences of educators violating minors at school or after meeting them at school are popping up around the nation. What can be done to stop these predators from violating our children? Background checks and references do not seem to be enough anymore. Students and parents must become more aware of the people working in these buildings just as much as, officials must improve strategies of selecting people to work with the students.

This epidemic of sex offenders in the classroom must be solved quickly.


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