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Sex offenders and the child care industry in Massachusetts

They should call it The Department of Child Fornication: where perversity is celebrated. The agency is actually called The Department of Child and Family (DCF) services and it's part of wide-ranging scandal involving the neglect, abuse, and improper treatment of minor children under the supervision of that department.

Dept. of Children and Families facing major scandal in Massachusetts

There have been a multitude of problems in the allegedly under-funded state agency, the DCF, which has seen a 29 percent increase in funding over the last eight years, including children under it's care being allowed to be abused, or killed, or neglected. Writing in her column in the Boston Herald today, Holly Robichaud reports, “The uncle of the missing Fitchburg boy is suing, but he’s not the first. Almost a year ago, Children’s Rights filed a suit over the increase in deaths happening on DCF’s watch! They were concerned that in 2009, 27 children died, in 2010, 36 kids perished, and there were 40 deaths in 2011.”

In that same article, Robichaud introduces an even more disturbing element of news regarding the care of children in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, stating, “DCF is not the only agency through which Patrick has failed to protect children. Last March, State Auditor Suzanne Bump severely criticized the management of the Department of Early Education and Care. During a one-year time span, there were 119 instances of addresses of EEC-licensed child care facilities matching those of level 2 and 3 sex offenders.”

Imagine that, registered sex offenders who just happened to be residing at the same addresses of state-licensed child care centers. How much effort does it take, for a state inspectors or agent who has authority of granting such licenses, to ask a child care center administrator, under penalty of perjury, “are there any registered sex offenders claiming this address as their own when they register with the state, to your knowledge?” Are these places where the child care center is on the first first floor, and they have apartments upstairs, that they just happen to rent to sex offenders? Do those sex offenders have to notify the property owner they are renting from, that they are a registered sex offender? I would imagine so. This news raises many more disturbing questions than it answers them.

It illustrates complete incompetence, and lack of regard for the responsibility over children under the care of this department, by department administrators appointed by the allegedly “compassionate” regime of progressive “liberal” Democrats in office under the very liberal Democrat Governor Deval Patrick. The stone-walling of the investigations into this scandal, by the administrators of the DCF and the governor's administration, also shows the complete lack of any regard for the children they are responsible for under this state agency, and the above mentioned EEC. If this kind of incompetence is what you think “good government” is, then by all means, keep voting for “liberal” progressive Democrats on election day.

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