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Sex offender, still offending

Sex offender still offending, why let them out in the first place?
Sex offender still offending, why let them out in the first place?
Joe Henry Jones

Sheffield, Alabama. Joe Henry Jones is accused of first-degree sex abuse and second-degree sex abuse. He was accused of molesting a 14 year-old girl in 2008, and is charged with doing the same thing. This is only one example recidivism among sex offenders. Some statistics show that 98% of all sex offenders continue offending after arrest, while on probation.

By the time an offender is caught, he has already offended several children, ranging in various degrees.

If you suspect abuse, sexual abuse or neglect, please contact the authorities.

For more info: If you or someone you know in the Huntsville, Alabama area needs help please visit, Family Services Center, 600 St. Claire Ave., Huntsville, AL. phone (256) 551-1610. To report child abuse, sexual abuse or neglect please contact Department of Human Resources (256) 535-4500 , Huntsville Police Department (256) 722-7100. Crisis Services of North Alabama.


  • John 5 years ago

    Joe Henry Jones sounds like a person with a problem. He needs to be incarcerated and receive treatment to stop him from re-offending.

    A question to the writer of this article: Where did you get your statistics of 98% recidivism? In 2003, the Dept. of Justice released an extensive recidivism study on sex offenders. That study showed that 3.5% of SO's were reconvicted of a new sex crime within 3 years of release. The first 3 years after release is when approx. 70% of all recidivism occurs. Here is a link to that fact in particular: No links allowed?

    This study also shows that when the victim of the original offense was a minor, the recidivism rate drops to 3.3%. Here is a link to that: Well, I can't put a link.

    If you have a study showing 98%, please reveal your source.

  • Yushima CHerry 5 years ago

    Thanks John, working in the field with pedophiles and victims for several years, you learn that the statistics are helpful but not accurate, several of my articles show statistics from different sources, this article did add links to other articles with resources. Please feel free to review them and let me know what you think. 98% Recidivism does not include incarceration, I have interveiwed pedophiles and done independent studies as well.

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