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Sex offender coordinates event that will feature cast of 'Haunted Collector'

Convicted sex offender and paranormal investigator Johnny Demuary organizes event with cast members of "Haunted Collector"
Convicted sex offender and paranormal investigator Johnny Demuary organizes event with cast members of "Haunted Collector"
Photo courtesy of Facebook

A paranormal investigator convicted of a sex offense with a minor recently set up a public event that will feature former cast members of the "Haunted Collector" reality television show. The event called "Haunted History Days" is scheduled for this fall.

Convicted sex offender John Demuary puts together public paranormal event with reality television personalities Brian Cano and Jessyln Brown
Photos courtesy of Syfy

Paranormal investigator Johnny Demuary of the Butte Paranormal Investigative Team is a registered sex offender in the state of Montana. The 35-year-old was convicted of sexual assault and sexual intercourse without consent with a minor over fifteen years ago. The victim was a 14-year-old girl.

Demuary and his team have an upcoming public event called "Haunted History Days" scheduled for October 17. According to the event's description, cast members from "Haunted Collector" will be attending.

"This will be a two-day event that brings people together to not only discover the existence of spirits but also the fundamental history behind it all. Joining us will be Jesslyn Brown and Brian J. Cano both from the hit Syfy reality show Haunted Collector and the famous paranormal author Ellen Baumler! This event will consist of a kick-off dinner at the Derby Steakhouse and then finish the night with several investigations in Butte's most haunted places. We will have different workshops that consist of learning how the equipment works, different evidence collected by different people, a little tipsy history with our own Mr. Chris Fisk. We will be stationed at the Headframe Spirits here in Butte. If interested please contact me via Facebook to purchase your ticket, we hope to be sold out by August 1, 2014!"

Unfortunately the "Haunted Collector" was cancelled a few months ago so it appears that the television personalities are getting income by attending events like Demuary's. Demonologist John Zaffis announced last fall that the show won't be returning for another season on Syfy. The haunted collector himself posted the news to his fans on Facebook and Twitter. The show aired on the network for three seasons. Zaffis apologetically tweeted "hi all just letting you know Haunted Collector will not be coming back sorry to all our fans" last Halloween.

Demuary continues to utilize Facebook and other social network sites to get his way into people's homes to investigate the paranormal. Facebook has strict rules that prohibits sex offenders from using the social networking site. But Demuary doesn't seem to care about those rules because he has multiple Facebook pages and accounts.

"Convicted sex offenders are not allowed to use Facebook. If you've encountered an account that may belong to a convicted sex offender, please report the account to us. Please make sure you provide one of the following with your report: A link to a listing in a national sex offender registry, a link to an online news article, a link to a court document, or a documentation verifying the report attached to the sex offender report form. If you aren't able to include this with your report, we recommend that you ask a local law enforcement representative to contact us so we can take action on your report. Once we're able to verify someone's status as a sex offender, we immediately disable their account and remove all the information associated with it from Facebook," Facebook's terms of service states.

Demuary also uses multiple aliases. He has gone by John Brown, John Demuary, John Demaury, John Baptist Demoury, John Babtist Demuary, John Baptise Lord, and other names.

To report Johnny Demuary and the Butte Paranormal Investigative Team for violation of Facebook's terms of services, sign into Facebook, and click on the Report a Violation link and enter the following URL:

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