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Sex Life After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Sex Life After Gastric Bypass Surgery
Sex Life After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Obesity affects a large number of men and women, and in some cases it might be necessary to have weight loss surgery performed. Gastric bypass surgery is one of the safest and most effective ways for men and women to have the excess weight and fat deposits removed. While it is common knowledge that gastric bypass surgery can help to improve some health conditions associated with obesity, it seems that the weight loss procedure can also help to improve a person's sex life.

Sex Life After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Both men and women who have had gastric bypass surgery have reported seeing improvements in their sexual lives, and the surprising fact is that it is not based on the amount of weight that was lost. While studies are still being conducted to try and determine how the weight loss helps to improve a person's sexual life, it is thought that improved body image, mood, and even changes in hormonal levels can all play a role in causing an increase in sexual desire and in having more confidence in the bedroom.

As an example of the effect gastric bypass surgery can have on a person's sex life, a recent survey studied the responses of 54 women who were a hundred pounds or more overweight before having the surgery. Researchers found that 62 percent of the women surveyed reported suffering from a sexual dysfunction, and after the surgery the percentage rose to 68 who were no longer suffering from any problems with their sexual performance. While a study was not conducted on men, it is believed that the results would be similar.

Researchers also learned that women who had a greater number of sexual problems also saw the highest level of improvement in their sex lives. This survey has helped researchers realize that obesity can and does affect the sex lives of both men and women.

Improved Sex and Other Quality of Life Issues

Gastric bypass surgery is normally only performed on obese men and women, and is when a large portion of the stomach is removed, leaving a small pouch that bypasses part of the small intestine. This helps to reduce the amount of calories and nutrients consumed by food, without leaving the person constantly feeling hungry.

The results from the study are also spurring health care professionals to look at the weight loss surgery from a new prospective. While it is common knowledge that a gastric bypass procedure can help to lower high blood pressure, reduce the risk of developing diabetes, and even help to treat sleep apnea, it was slightly surprising to some to learn that it could also help to improve a person's sex life. Some of the sexual problems that the weight loss surgery seem to improve included issues for enhancing sexual arousal and low libidos. Men and women both saw an increase in their body's production of testosterone, the hormone that helps to control sexual arousal and desire. Lubrication, ability to sustain an erection, and even issues with sexual performance also improved after the weight loss procedure.

Researchers are also noticing an improvement in energy levels, and stamina, both of which are controlled in part by the levels of testosterone in the body. Along with these improvements in the quality of life, some recipients also noticed an improvement in their fertility levels. Women's menstrual cycles became more regular and men also saw an increase in sperm count.


The study determining the effects of gastric bypass surgery on a man or woman's sex life is still in the early stages, but there does appear to be a connection between the weight loss procedure and a healthy sex life. While this is probably due to improved self confidence and image, along with improved hormonal levels, it still shows that a person's physical health is directly tied to their ability to have a happy and satisfying sex life. While diet and exercise will always be the best way to maintain a healthy weight, gastric bypass surgery can not only improve your health but also your sex life.