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Sex injuries

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Sex is one the most amazing activity which is loved by many in the world. However cautious sex may be done, a number of sex injuries are likely to take place. Sex injuries may include any of the following:

Vaginal tearing or breaking

This is one of the most common sex injuries which occur after engaging in sexual intercourse. In most cases it is not noticeable or realized when in the act but later after the whole enjoyment. After sex, it is when you realize that you are bleeding from the vagina. It is not only unsightly but it is very painful and hurts. This mostly occurs when down there is very dry hence when in the act, the penis does not flow easily thus end forcing itself in and out. The injury worsens when a man for instance is about to ejaculate. This is because he vigorous moves and forces himself in and out thus extending the injury. As painful as this injury is, it can be fixed by lubricating the vagina before engaging in the act or having a proper foreplay which will help in countering the injuries which may occur thereafter. It is advisable that if the injuries persist after all the lubrication, visit a gynecologist or a doctor for some antibiotics to prevent future injuries.

Back injury

Sex is supposed to be enjoyable and this calls for different approaches in tackling it. Various moves included in any other time that you think of having sex spices the activity. This call for enough and sufficient skills from both sexual partners in achieving success. Lack of stylish sexual skills will end up injuring the back of the lady which may have short term or long term implications hence need for fixing or correction. Back injury can be fixed by use of cold ice bags and some pain killers to relieve the pain and any other injuries inflicted at the back.

Yeast infection

This is another injury which occurs after sexual intercourse which extends to oral sex or if a guy has some saliva on his penis. This mostly occurs when you go down on a guy leading to yeast infection. This can be easily overcome by ensuring that the guy is clean (his sexual organ) before engaging in sex, especially if he is uncircumcised. Make him go to the bathroom before you start enjoying sex as this will guarantee your safety after all the activity especially if he has an uncircumcised penis. Read more:[Warnings of an uncircumcised penis]

Foreign objects

Something may get stuck up in there after sexual intercourse and this may be uncomfortable and frightening at the same time. Some things like condoms, tampons or any other particle or object may be pushed into the inside of the vagina thus end up sticking there. Since it is where it is not required, that is why it is referred to as a foreign object. This can be removed by first of all taking a break of about fifteen minutes so that the vagina can go back to its normal size and shape. Then take a deep breath, relax and with the aid of two fingers reach out to any foreign object which may be stuck in there. Do not be afraid, and avoid removal of the objects when the vagina is at the excited stage, immediately after sex.

Carpet injuries

The more adventurous you are the better sex will be and vice versa. Mattress may be too common hence need to have another area to perform sex such as a carpet. A carpet may not be the same as your bed with that nice mattress hence risk of getting some sex injury. In the process of engaging in sex, you may be rubbed on the carpet and due to friction you end up developing injuries or burns which will be painful. This can be fixed by washing the injured area with clean, cool water with an antibacterial soap or some antiseptic followed by the application of some cream (antibacterial) depending on the nature or level of injury. This will facilitate healing of the injuries and at the same time avoid infections which may take advantage of the weakened area after the injury.

Infection of the urinary tract

This is another injury which may cause damage to the urinary tract thus end up affecting it after sex. This can be overcome by ensuring that you are well lubricated before engaging in sex.