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'Sex, God, and the Single Life': Author tells how to have intimacy without sex

Sex, God and the Single Life

Many singles wonder what they should do about sex if they want to remain faithful to God and His word. According to the Christian Post, Hafeez Baoku has written a book that answers a lot of questions single Christians want answered.

Baoku, author of "Sex, God, and the Single Life," explains that singles often wrestle with the idea of sex only to end up frustrated because they focus on what they do not have instead of placing focusing on fulfilling other aspects of their lives. Baoku contends that singles can experience intimate satisfaction even though they are not engaging in sex. He says there are so many other things to do such as advancing in their careers, travelings, and pursuing other things that make them happy.

In his new book, "Sex, God, and the Single Life," Baoku explains how individuals should begin to build the framework for sex in a God-honoring way while they are still single by understanding God's true purpose for sex. Then they will be ready for fulfilling sex when they married.

He notes that sex is not about fulfilling selfish desires while single but about serving, sacrificing individual needs and helping others get closer to God.

Although he suggests singles should wait until marriage to have sex, Baoku says people should not focus on abstaining from it. He says when if singles constantly think about not having sex, their minds will eventually give a reason to actually do it. Baoku believes singles should focus on following God and not so much on "don't do."

Baoku writes his book based on his own struggles with sexuality following years of celibacy after being sexually active and addicted to pornography. In his debut book, the author shares his life journey from sexual regrets and frustration to sexual joy and satisfaction. He discusses his past mistakes, present struggles, and future hopes while providing a path to fulfillment and satisfaction that singles have been yearning for. Since he has gone this his struggles, he wants to help others avoid them.

This is a good book for you to read if you are single and want to serve God, but you feel that you are missing out on sex. "Sex, God, and the Single Life" will help you break the cycle of unhealthy sexual decisions that leave you empty and miserable, and give you a heart for life giving sexual decisions. You will learn practical ways to experience healthy intimacy in your daily life, find love, meaning, joy, satisfaction, and purpose of life from God and self. says, "Sex, God, and the Single Life" is culturally relevant and biblically sound where Baoku explores God’s teachings on love, sex, and relationships. On Amazon's website, you have review parts of the book before purchasing it.

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