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Sex facts: Study reveals information you didnt know

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Some facts related to sexual activities are known as sex facts. For instance the clitoris is the only organ on a woman's body that is provided by nature only for sexual enjoyment. Did you know that men become more attractive to women by eating celery? Are you aware that not only do humans perform oral sex but cheetahs, goats and hyenas also? These are just some of the sex related facts that you were probably unaware of. These facts may or may not have been proved through researches and studies but most of them are still relied upon by people involved in sexual activities. Information about some other surprising sex facts is provided hereunder for your consideration.

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The clitoris contains the end point of nearly 8000 nerves:

You can find a number of fascinating information about female sexual organs if you research for that. One of these interesting facts is that almost 8000 nerves end on the female clitoris which makes it the most sensual and sensitive part of the female body. One more sex fact in this context is that the tip of a male penis is comprised of nearly 4000 nerve endings which is just half than a female clitoris has.

Men can fight away their nasal congestion at the time of ejaculation:

This sex fact has been proved through various researches and studies that men usually get rid of their nasal congestion while having an orgasm. In fact the adrenergic receptors in the nasal passage get stimulated during an orgasm to fight away nasal blockage in a natural manner. Thus people can get rid of their nasal problem without using any medication in this regard as nature had provided them a natural remedy.

Sexual pleasure can be increased through pubic hair:

Usually pubic hair are considered as a safe guard for genitals as well as a trap for sexual fragrances but they also help in enhancing the arousal of your partner is really a surprising sex fact in this regard. Actually this fact is based on the sexual reality that the bodily fragrances entrapped in the pubic hair can help in the sexual arousal your partner, after detecting that smell. Thus pubic hair is not a regrettable thing that nature had provided to humans as they can play great role in increasing sexual pleasure.

Some objects have sexual attraction for some people:

It is really a surprising sex fact that some people feel such an intense attraction for some objects, structures and buildings that a sexual feeling about those objects gets developed in them. People, known as objectum sexuals’, have the feeling of emotional, physical and sensual attraction for some non-living objects.

Sperm is a good skin care product:

This is another surprising sex fact for those who spend lots of money on skin care products for moisturizing their skin. Your semen is full of proteins which can prove to be the best skin care and anti aging product for your skin, if you apply it on your face. Magnesium, zinc, potassium, fructose and calcium are some of the worthy ingredients in your semen not only nourish your skin but also tighten it, for which people usually spend a lot. But usually people like to continue with their usual skin care products even after knowing this fact due to its unpleasant smell.

Antidepressant features of your semen:

This sex fact has been proven scientifically that your semen is not only a good skin care product but also a good antidepressant. According to the researchers a number of natural mood augmenting elements are included naturally in your semen. Actually 95% of your semen includes various antidepressants including oxytocin, prolactin, estrone and serotonin and only 5% sperm. Thus your semen is one of the best natural antidepressant. A woman whom ingests or absorbs semen will have a boost of an all natural antidepressant.

Men become sexually attractive to women by eating celery:

This is one more surprising sex fact about gents. According to sex experts the level of sexual fragrances in the body of men increases by eating celery. It had also been proved scientifically that chemical content androstenone present in the cytoplasm of celery helps in producing more sexual scent in men’s body that attracts women in a natural manner. So you should add celery in your routine diet if you are a sex enthusiast.

Though there are many other sex facts to quote in this piece of writing but their unlimited number compels you stop at some point.