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Sex education opt out letter for schools

Believing that I was the best person to teach my children sex education, I often pondered how to approach this topic with our school district. I was thrilled to find that New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedom offered a letter “template” to use. I copied and pasted the letter to my word processor software, and personalized the letter, including a cover letter that thanked my local school district in Hamilton County for their commitment to the well-being of my children. I hand-delivered my letter, making sure that the letter was received in the spirit it was intended, and was not perceived as a criticism of my school district.

The "Health Class Opt Out Letter" is authored by Pacific Justice Institute, and was published in the September Edition of Freedom's Alert. If the letter template link does not work, go to the Pacific Justice Institue Website, click on "Resources". A drop down box will offer you several choices; choose "Opt Out Forms". To access the forms, I registered, and immediately had access to the "student exemption" letter. The letter includes things like excluding your child from sexual education and AIDS/HIV prevention instruction, as well as DVD's, presentations, films, books, etc. In my letter, I also included movies and books that I found objectionable, requesting that the school give me notice so that I was able to help them find appropriate alternatives.

I have the fortune of being in a school district that is easy to work with, and either the school nurse or the teacher calls or emails me, and gets my approval for reading material, and discusses with me what material will be discussed in a health class, giving me the option of removing my children from discussions that go against our beliefs, or that I find objectionable.


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