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Sex Education in Hong Kong

Sex education in Hong Kong. Ignorance that destroys lives.

Teaching sex education in Hong Kong comes with many taboos. The lack of information may cause physiological and psychological problems. According to study from Peking University, unprotected sex was practiced by 50% of respondents the first time they had sex, and 20 % of females got pregnant after their first time.

Most of the parents in Hong Kong do not want teachers to talk about sex because they are afraid that it will encourage kids to have sex sooner.

Victoria Pavlova, relationship coach and contributor to says that “Most of my clients are women over 35 who are afraid of sex, never had sex or believe sex is something bad as they were taught by their parents. These women suffer deep depressions and fail to build healthy relationship."

Ms. Pavlova confirms that lack of sexual education in Hong Kong and China cause other problems such as an increase in rape and offensive behavior. “You can see a big number of local women wearing extremely explicit clothing that gives wrong impression to men. These women complain that no man takes them seriously; some of them even suffered rape. The problem is that they were not taught what explicit behavior may cause and how they can protect themselves.”

Ms.Pavlova believes that this is not parents or teachers fault. The religious conservatism brought by the British discourages the society from talking about sex and even promotes the idea that sex is dirty and a bad thing.

Victoria Pavlova believes that situation is changing slowly. Step-by-step the government will start to implement programs for sex education. New relationship coaching centers will get opened, people will get more access to information about sex and protection. Unfortunately, it may take a decade before Hong Kong will accept sex education as an important part of the school education system.

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