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Sex Education and Other Touchy Subjects

Talking about sex with children can be difficult, these books make it easier.
Talking about sex with children can be difficult, these books make it easier.
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Talking about Sex and Inappropriate Touching with children can be a tricky task for parents.  At a recent Lincoln area homeschool gathering a participant brought along two wonderful books which deal with these very subjects:  Where Did I Come From? by Peter Mayle and A Very Touching Book (for little people and for big people) by Jan Hindman are two fantastic books dealing in a frank, humorous and sensitive manner with topics most parents are likely to avoid. 

Where Did I Come From? opens with the suggestion that perhaps children did not come from the stork or the fairies and tells children the truth in a way that is easy for children to understand.  The illustrations in Peter Mayle's book drawn superbly by Arthur Robins really add to the book's charm and children will be amused and entertained.

Tom Novak's illustrations in Jan Hindman's book will help guide children through the uncomfortable maze of when, where and how touch is appropriate and when it is not. The book shows children how they can determine if someone is abusing them and how they have the right to say NO.  Although the book's topic is a very serious one it is well written, directed squarely at the child and is a book every parent should seek out. 

Both these books are available at Barnes and Noble booksellers in Lincoln.


  • M. Justice 4 years ago

    This is really great information for parents. As a former Child Protection Services worker I can testify that talking to your children about sex and inappropriate touching is very important. Thanks for sharing!

  • John Justice 4 years ago

    It's great so se that people are not relying on TV, music or school to educate their children about sex or inappropriate sexual behaviors. So often now it seems that parents would rather not address the issues with their children at all. So ... GO YOU!

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