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Sex during her period: Important safety concerns

Many men - and women - are squeamish about the idea of having sex while the woman is menstruating. Aiden, in Tampa, FL, emailed with just such a concern.

“My girlfriend wants to have sex while she's on her period, but I’m afraid it’s not safe. What do you think?”

Well, Aiden, thanks for the message. As long as your girlfriend is healthy, there is nothing to be concerned about with having sex during her period; just remember to use a condom, as always. However, if she’s been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS or with another blood borne illness, it’s best to abstain from sex at all during her time of the month, because in that case, a condom is not going to provide sufficient protection from the infection.

When you are having sex during a woman’s period, it’s likely that you’ll come into contact with more than a little blood, so even if you have a simple paper cut on your finger, you’re dramatically increasing the risk of contracting whatever infection she may have. So, if that’s going on, I would definitely just wait until she is done with her period. Now, if there are no serious health risks involved, then there is nothing at all saying a period has to be a red light stopping your sex life. In fact, many couples don't let it stop them at all. If you are game to try, but you are worried about the blood factor, just hop in the shower; the spray will wash the traces of blood away before you have a chance to worry about them.

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