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Sex-crazed woman busted after dialing 911, hitting on cop who responded to call

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Did you know that in the state of Florida, 911 is also known as the “Stud Hotline”? It isn’t, but that’s the way 58-year-old Maria Montanez-Colon treated the emergency number last Friday.

According to the Smoking Gun, the resident of Punta Gorda initially called police regarding a family dispute over ownership of a Corvette that she claimed belonged to her late husband. But when 31-year-old Police Officer Justin Davoult showed up at her door, Montanez-Colon’s fancy lightly turned to thoughts of lovemaking.

Davoult’s report notes that the late middle-aged woman was anything but coy in her overtures, declaring, “I haven't been penetrated in years” and “I am so horny.” TMI? When asked what the young officer could help her with, Montanez-Colon replied, “You can f**k me.”

In addition to the verbal come-ons, Montanez-Colon allegedly tried to rub the cop’s chest and grab his arm. After Davoult told Montanez-Colon that her behavior was inappropriate, she stated, “I’m bad, I know.”

Having ascertained that Montanez-Colon was in no need of police assistance, Davoult headed to the door. Before heading out, he handed her a business card with a direct line to the police station, which he urged her to use in the future for non-emergencies.

Less than an hour after Davoult departed her home, Montanez-Colon again called 911, announcing that the cop had “pissed her off” and she “wanted to see another officer.” Davoult and a police lieutenant responded to the emergency call. Montanez-Colon told the lieutenant that Davoult had been “a perfect gentleman, but when I asked him to f**k me, he turned me down so that made me angry.”

Montanez-Colon was arrested for making false 911 calls, a misdemeanor, and booked into the Charlotte County jail, where she remains locked up.

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