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See also: offers Miley Cyrus $1 million for a naked girl-on-girl video has offered Miley Cyrus $1 million to star in a softcore - or hardcore, her choice - video including a naked makeout session with another woman. Somehow, we don't think the amount is high enough to entice Miley, not that she would make the video no matter how much they offer.

Miley Cyrus
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In a letter obtained by TMZ, Martin Ellison, the Communications Director for, reached out to Miley and her representatives. Ellison said:

After seeing a preview for the video "Decisions", we were floored at how sexy both her, and Porn star Jessie Andrews look together!!

We've already reached out to Jessie's manager, as well as Beacher's Madhouse to partake in a filming of a "naughty" XXX version of this music video. We feel quite confident that we can secure the same venue, along with the same goats and little people. All that's missing is MILEY!!

As you are already aware in the video she kisses her boyfriend, Liam who is dressed as a unicorn. We'd like to replace Liam with the AVN Starlet of the Year, Jessie! We aren't looking to make a boy/girl " Hannah Does Montana" sex video here, but rather a softer "girl on girl" version. Of course your client would be compensated extremely well to be nude and to have "erotic" girl on girl relations.

How far Miley chooses she wants to go is entirely up to her.

Girl-on-girl doesn't necessarily mean softcore porn. There are, in fact, many hardcore lesbian girl film, some of them by firms such as Sweetheart Video that advertise the action includes real sex and real orgasms.

Sweetheart Video also does not employ anyone who is gay-for-pay, meaning the actresses all have to be bisexual or lesbian. Of course, this is, which apparently has not reservations about Miley's sexual orientation.

We wrote earlier that the "Decisions" video (embedded) would feature Jessie Andrews, who earlier this year was honored with the AVN Award for Best Actress (for "Portrait of a Call Girl"), the XBIZ Award for the Acting Performance of the Year for her performance in the same film, and New Starlet of the Year as well, and the XRCO Award for Best Actress ("Portrait of a Call Girl") and New Starlet.


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