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Sex Calculator: Burn calories during sex and calculate the workout

Calculate the amount of calories burned during sex with the Sex Calculator.
Calculate the amount of calories burned during sex with the Sex Calculator.

There is no better way to burn calories than with sex. Granted, it won’t equal thirty minutes of P90X3, but it sure is a lot of fun to try. Now couples are able to calculate the amount of calories burned during a steamy roll in the hay with a new app as reported in the Daily Mirror on Thursday.

Beyoncé gave “surfboard” a whole new meaning, and now women can ride that wave and add up the calories it burns with the Sex Calculator. UKMedix is an online pharmacy that specializes in weight loss and sexual health. The company created the Sex Calculator, and it’s representative, Sarah Bailey, stated in the report that the device could inspire an assortment of bedroom antics.

The sex calculator is a fun tool to give users an estimate of the calories burnt during sex sessions. Who knows, this calculator could well inspire a whole new wave of bedroom yogas and acrobats.

However, Bailey warns not to treat the love making as merely a trip to the gym, but to use the device to add to the calories already burned during your daily workout routine.

Of course, if you’re going to treat this time together like it’s just a work out, your partner may get a bit offended.

Tony Horton, fitness guru of P90X fame, encourages working out with a partner, which could be very stimulating, as is the gym attire, a fact reiterated through the Sex Calculator rep.

Some of the skimpy gym clothes could relate quite nicely in the bedroom.

According to the Sex Calculator, 16-29 minutes of an “Average Joe” female having an intense and passionate session of doggy style sex burns slightly over 55 calories. It might not make room for that delicious spring donut with the peep, but it’s sure a fun way to rid the body of extra calories.

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