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Sex and the City 2: Forget the glamour, apt for heart



Thank goodness for love. Without it, there would be no uniting factor in our world. We all forget that this benevolent force brings us all together. Whether it's said and done, we all want to love and be loved. We express this desire through several different venues. Some of which: (Art, music, and film) love is expressed creatively. Although the exploration of love in film can be pensive and proufound, it can also be an distorted, skewed mess. Sex and the City 2 is somewhere in between, but nowhere close to either one.

This time, the girls are back with the fiercest, most vibrant attempt at fabulosity since the the first film hit. The story  takes place two years in the future from the last film. We find out our four heroines are anything but complacent. Frustrated with their various relationship and life issues, the girls take an all- expenses-paid trip to Abu Dhabi per Samantha's company.

Neither films don't really match up to the long running series. In the series, there was plenty of time for the story to develop at an appropriate pace. The movies come out  rushed and a little contrite. However, the advantage of film is that spectacle and glamor was in excess. The characters were colored and decorated like pretty, overpriced portraits. All the familiars were there as well: Big, Stanford, and yes even Aiden. The women's various relationships were tested and tried. In the end, storyline predictability won out and those stories were pretty much resolved.

But  "Sex and the City"  was never about the romantic relationships. It has always been about the four women, and their friendships with one another. These women have endured several storms together, and there's no sign that that will ever change. The power and the fortitude of female camaraderie is the heart of the series and movies.

The plot is thin, there are no deep, philosophical revelations, and Carrie still spends a ridiculous amount of money on shoes she doesn't need. But it's a fun, quick glance at some familiar characters that remind us of the enduring strength of friendship and love. If you're looking for a funny yet familiar tale, look no further.

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