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Sex and relationships book club- Getting the sex you want

"Getting the sex you want," by Tammy Nelson. A great read for couples needing help in the bedroom!
"Getting the sex you want," by Tammy Nelson. A great read for couples needing help in the bedroom!
Tammy Nelson

Sex can be a tough issue for many couples to talk about, especially when problems arise. Talking about sex can embarrassing and create tensions and defensiveness. That’s why a well written book on the topic can be so helpful. It can offer a non-judgmental assessment of problems and provide unbiased information on how to remedy the situation.

“Getting the sex you want; shed your inhibitions and reach new heights of passion together,” by Tammy Nelson is a great book to help couples overcome bedroom troubles. The book is sensitive, empathetic and approachable even by people who feel embarrassed talking about sex.

“Getting the sex you want,” is a couple based book not intended for people who are just interested in scoring. The first chapter, “Long-term passion starts with early communication,” hits on something that’s is missing from pop-culture discussions about sex - the best sex comes from a long term, trusting and committed relationship. When you have those things, you are free to really explore sensual depths, erotic needs and healthy sexual curiosity.

Some other things covered by Nelson are how to add risk to your sexual relationship by being vulnerable enough to ask for your sexual needs to be filled. She also covers sexual empathy, how to talk about sex in a non-defensive/accusative way, moving from curiosity to action, being sexually generous and even a chapter on sexual anatomy.

This book also offers exercises to help the reader take the information and put it into action. If you and your mate are open to getting help, this book can help you put your bedroom troubles behind you. You can find it online at or head down to your local bookstore, if they don’t have it, they’ll be happy to order it for you!