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Sew Your Own Tote Bag!

Original TrilliumDesign Bag Designs
Original TrilliumDesign Bag Designs
Trillium Design-Caroline

While recently browsing through Pinterest, it was noticed that there are many bag designs and tutorials for anyone from the beginner to the expert, starting with the simple rectangle to the more complex styles. And bags can be made from just about any fabric, depending on the bag's use. You can recycle old t-shirts or use the finest linen, but if you are a "lots of bags" kind of girl, this is a great way to feed your addiction.

In 18 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners, you will find two easy bags, one called a Drawstring bag, linked to BurdaStyle, which comes with full instructions and a tutorial. This would be a good bag for your first try. But there is also a card wallet, a duffle tote, and a very easy tote bag which comes from "Needle and Spatula" and is really cute. These can be made from so many different fabrics and have a myriad of uses from a grocery tote to a beach bag.

A really great way to carry your child's crayons and coloring book can be found on the blog lbg studio. This is a child size bag just big enough to put in a coloring book and crayons which are held in their own slots. It's a great organizer, a bag for the car, and something your child can carry herself.

Do your kid's like to collect seashells? A cute idea for carrying them can be found at Come Together Kids where you will find a complete list of supplies, pieces layout, and instructions for sewing so that you can complete a mesh bag that will allow the shells to dry and the sand to shake off before they are put in the car. The top and strap of the bag are a nautical print and the bottom of the bag is mesh. This probably can be used to shop at the farmer's market for vegetables too!

The site Skip to My Lou has "10 Free Tote Bag Patterns and Tutorials" and includes an assortment of bags but also a couple of tank top totes upcycled from some old but favorite tank tops or camies. The process to make these is simple and the site gives good instruction as well as pictures to help you complete your tote.

Need a diaper bag? Make your own. Need a bag for work to carry files and all the items needed for a busy day? Make your own. Like to be very organized? Make a bag with pockets for everything. An avid recycler? Make a bag out of your old sweater. All of these can be found at the Tip Junkie.

As you can see, there a many sites to help you find the bag for you. If you have a stash of fabric, as many sewers do, you can have bags for every outfit and every need. Or, go to JoAnn Fabrics either online or at your local mall and walk up and down the aisles until one of those bolts of fabric reaches out and grabs your eye, and get to work!

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