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Sew Your Own Prom Gown

Sew Your Own Prom Gown
Sew Your Own Prom Gown
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Prom time is approaching and you want to have a unique and wonderful gown for that magical event. So what do you do? Sew your own! You can have a one-of-a-kind gown that probably will cost a lot less than if you buy one, and you can add your own special touches to it. Plus, if you have a hard to fit figure this is the way to have that gown tailored to perfection. So how do you get started?

Your first stop should be on the internet so that you can research this year's styles and fabrics. Find lots of pictures, print them out, and compare the features that you like from each gown. And next, visit the website Sew-Stitch-Learn where you will find all of that you need to begin. They have many links that will help you, such as each pattern company, fabric information, and even a pattern review where you can see the actual photos of gowns that others have made from the patterns that you might like. It's a way to find the gown that you want to make and see how it looks when completed, and it includes sewers of all levels so that you can see if your project is one that requires a lot or a little skill. After you find your pattern here, decide about fabric, embellishments, and also if you are going to change the pattern in any way, such as length, sleeves, etc. There are tips for working with different fabrics and sewing tips as well. This site would make your start fairly easy because it encompasses everything.

Still a little nervous? Go to YouTube and there are videos for the entire process. You can watch a gown made from start to finish and also check out sewing techniques here.

Not sure what body type works with what gown style? Bella Online has a helpful tutorial on body shapes and what style looks best on those shapes. Be honest about your shape because a style that you love might not look very good on your body and a style that you think will not work, may be the best style of all.

If you are more a words and pictures type of sewer, go to Wikihow and find the 13 steps to sewing your gown as it includes pictures of each step. This is helpful too in clarifying some of the steps you might see on YouTube!

Yahoo can also give some help. There is a lengthy post from a girl wanting to make her gown and responses from several who have done this with a very helpful post from a woman who runs a "Beginners in Crisis" sewing class. She gives very helpful advice about fabrics and ways to make the bodice so that you can wear a strapless gown that stays up!

Perhaps the most helpful of all is Craftsy. This site holds online classes, for a fee, and this particular class is how to make a retro, perfect- fit "Bombshell" dress, which is a vintage pin-up dress. The instructor works with you in 15 lessons which include the pattern and she shows advanced fit techniques, and construction and finishing techniques which are used by couturiers. And there is a huge amount of other classes on Craftsy which you might enjoy, some of which are free.

So, are you ready to sew? No! One more stop is needed. The fabric store! JoAnn Fabrics has a great selection of every fabric you can imagine. If you want to search from home, check out because they also have a great selection.

So, make your choices, get busy, and have yourself a wonderful, magical time at your prom. You will be the best dressed girl there!

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