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Sew an easy one piece pillowcase stash buster free pattern

Follow the steps to make a pillowcase
Follow the steps to make a pillowcase
Maria Merlino Copyright 2014

You won’t believe how simple this pillowcase pattern is to make. It fits a standard, common polyester pillow, although the size can easily be adjusted for a larger sized pillow. It uses about a yard of fabric and is made entirely in one piece. By using the lighter reverse side of the fabric, a two-tone effect for body and border can be achieved. This pattern is perfect for beginners! Just cut once and then sew. There is detailed photo slide show with the step-by-steps.

Pillowcase made with one piece of fabric
Maria Merlino Copyright 2014

Charities that need fresh pillowcases:

All People Quilt Million Pillowcase

ConKerr Cancer

Finished size of pillowcase is 19 x 35 inches or 20 x 35 inches


1 yard of cotton fabric, washed, dried and ironed, with an all over print that has a distinct right side and wrong side.

Note: Go forward and reverse at the beginning and ending of each seam to reinforce.

1. Cut fabric 40 inches wide and 35 inches long. For bigger pillow case cut the fabric 42 x 35.

2. Fold in half to measure 20 inches x 35 inches or 21 x 35 for bigger case.

3. Open fabric and fold down a 5 inch hem.

4. Iron hem flat.

5. Open hem and fold over a ½ in hem at the edge. Border will now be 4 ½ inches

6. Iron down border

7. Pin border

8. Top stitch border with a ¼ each seam allowance from edge of border fold.

9. Fold fabric right sides together.

10. Seam the side and bottom opening, using a ¼ inch allowance.

11. Turn right side out. Iron seams flat. Stuff with a bed pillow. Finished!

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